The Mother Ranch is growing and changing! It's SPRING! (newsletter)

Feb 19, 2022

 It's finally happened! YAY! I decreased my print prices over on my Etsy shop AND the shipping is still free! For those that have asked, there are a few originals on there now as well, more to come in the weeks ahead! If you're thinking of having a portrait painted of your heart animal or a person, now is a great time! I only have one (and a half) portraits to be done before I can start yours!


Miss Charlotte wanted me to share some pictures of her, she is feeling very proud of her pregnant belly!

She said this was okay, she thought her face was pretty here but the layout wasn't great:

And that this one from overhead, showing her width was a bit rude of me:

She's due in April! She and Alaska are eating all the time now!

 FYI: Tessa says she is the welcoming committee and must lead everyone onto the farm. If you come and visit and she's outside, just follow her, she knows the way lol

This cute but annoying creature (a vole) and all of it's chubby little relatives are tunneling through my grass leaving the dirt under it heaved! Ugh. What do I do?

We have a lot of change happening at the ranch this week. It feels like spring and Brad and I are always hyped up and rarin' to go in the spring! We are moving things around in the house, moving whole rooms from one place to another! We've been here for 8 months now and are finally seeing how all of the business stuff will fit in (both the house and the farm.) The pole barn has been ordered and will arrive on Tuesday and I see some outdoor art classes in the future along with BABY GOAT snuggling sessions! The guy comes tomorrow to grade the area that the barn will be, along with cutting a swale and installing some french drains. No more swamp by the back gate when it rains!

Brad decided to rip out all of the yucca (not the edible kind) so we can see from the house out into the pasture. The story from the previous owner, Bob: "I dug them all out of this area over there (about 20 feet away) and threw them over here thinking they would just turn into a pile of mulch someday. Next thing I knew they took root and became a yucca forest!" Haaaaa! How annoying! Luckily they are fairly shallow rooted and the little backhoe made short work of it! I'm sure they will try to grow back :-) Before and after:

See how you can't see out to the barn very well?

Much better! Now, to get them out of here before they start growing again!


This photo is from when we came to look at the house back in March... Click —> for the after photos!
I cringe to tell you what we did. You are going to want to have words with me over this I'm sure. It's your own fault really ;-), you all kept telling me that my closet was "wasted" on me lol. Not anymore!


Congratulations to Angela, you won the print of Lovey! Keep an eye on your email!

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Next week's print giveaway will be this 6x9 of Jack, a European or brown hare:


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