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I'm an artist of 30+ years and enjoy creating in many mediums but my current love is acrylic and occasionally watercolor. I sell originals and prints and certain designs are also on tees and hoodies.

I'm also available for commissioned pieces, contact me for more info.

Note: If you like the style I'm painting in (top gallery) and are considering commissioning a painting, please get on the waiting list now! :-) Being a creative, I like to explore new ideas, so my art grows and changes over the years. I only offer commissioned pieces in the style I'm currently working in.)

Original artwork & prints! My artwork on tshirts!

2022-2023 Gallery

Infinity Blue

20x60" acrylic on canvas, 11/2022

Around the chest it reads, "I am power and light and love for infinity."

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16x40" acrylic on canvas, 9/2022

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Mystic Soul

22x28 acrylic, 9/2022

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Beachy Freisian

16x12" watercolor, 6/2022

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2020 Gallery


2018—2019 Gallery

Mixed Media

2000-2017 Gallery

Colored Pencil, Oil, and Mixed Media

Original artwork & prints here!

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