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I'm an artist of 30+ years and enjoy creating in many mediums but my current love is big, bold, and colorful acrylics. I sell originals and prints and certain designs are also on tees and hoodies.

I'm also available for commissioned pieces, contact me for more info.

Note: If you like the style I'm painting in and are considering commissioning a painting, please get on the waiting list now. :-) Being a creative, I like to explore new ideas, so my art grows and changes over the years. I only offer commissioned pieces in the style I'm currently working in.)

Original artwork & prints! My artwork on tshirts!

2022-2024 Gallery Below!

The catalyst for moving the ranch across the country from Colorado back to North Carolina was my mom's cancer diagnosis in 2020. We were able to sell our ranch and buy a new place in NC—arriving in June 2021. That gave me almost 18 months with my mom before she crossed to the other side in November 2022. I completed the Infinity Blue painting (scroll down to view) just after she crossed, started the next horse and then...just stalled for months. Grief is weird like that. You never know when or how it will hit. From that point on, each painting has had a grief theme. It was inadvertent at first, the names just came to me as I painted. They still do but now I know this is one of the many ways I will work through my grief for awhile.

Beauty in Grief

18x24" acrylic on canvas, 5/2023

See all the work-in-progress photos here!

Hope in Grief

16x20" acrylic on canvas, 5/2023

See all the work-in-progress photos here!

Neutral in Grief

18x24" acrylic on canvas, 4/2023

You can see work in progress photos here.

Justice in Grief

30x48" acrylic on canvas, 12/2022

If you'd like to see work in progress photos, read this blog post.

Infinity Blue

20x60" acrylic on canvas, 11/2022

Around the chest it reads, "I am power and light and love for infinity."

If you'd like to see a whole series of work in progress photos, read this blog post here!

If you want to read the story of how this painting came to be, including the words written on the barrel of this water mare's body, read this post!

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16x40" acrylic on canvas, 9/2022

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Mystic Soul

22x28 acrylic, 9/2022

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Beachy Freisian

16x12" watercolor, 6/2022

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Tiny Paintings

Tiny paintings are all about little bursts of joyβ€”enjoy yours for awhile and then pass it on to someone who needs a boost!

Each tiny painting is an original 3x4" watercolor and a joyful gift of love by Apex, NC artist Julia MacMonagle of The Mother Ranch.

See the first set here!

2020 Gallery


2018β€”2019 Gallery

Mixed Media

2000-2017 Gallery

Colored Pencil, Oil, and Mixed Media

Original artwork & prints here!

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