Curious about Equine Gestalt Coaching?

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Let's start with "Equine."

Equines are horses, donkeys, and zebras, oh my! No zebras on the ranch (darn it) but we do have horses and two funny little mini donkeys named Sweetness and Jaffee!

And then there is "Gestalt Coaching"...what in the world?

Gestalt is a German word that means "wholeness." Partner a Gestaltist, who believes in the mind, body, spirit connection with a "co-active" coach, and you have someone on your side who believes you are whole just as you are—you already have the answers within you. The horses, donkeys, and even goats and I can help you find those answers. 

Contact Julia for a FREE 20 minute discovery call!


Ah yes, that's the big question isn't it? Using my knowledge of Gestalt methodology, somatic (body) awareness, my intuition, your intuition, and information the horses are offering, we work together to find greater awareness, answers that make sense to you, and eventually self-compassion.

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I offer online coaching as well!

 Do you live outside my area, aren't interested in the animal experience, or just can't get out of the house easily? Online coaching is a great option for you! Contact me to ask questions or set up an appointment!

Who I work with:

I work with clients who identify as women. The women who find their way here are often either searching for their life's purpose, struggling with anxiety and depression, and/or starting a new chapter in their lives.

I also work with teens who identify as female. They are usually in that phase of life where they are questioning everything they've ever been told. They are often struggling with anxiety and/or depression, and just trying to find how they fit in the world.

And as I explore my own neurodivergence, more clients are finding me that are discovering their own.

I work with younger children on a case by case basis. Children are also often struggling with anxiety or they are highly sensitive, super empathic kids who are having a hard time figuring out which part of what they are feeling is them and which part is others. They are asking big questions of their parents. It really does take a village. These kids need someone who gets it. Who understands what they are going through–a lot of emotions and questions. I was that kid and now I'm the adult they can talk with and ask questions of. No judgement.

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Experiences—Yours and Mine:

Yours: Sessions are an hour and are held at the ranch. No horse experience is necessary and we do not ride. A session is usually held in my big open air barn with a horse or a mini donkey in attendance at some point during the session. We are usually sitting in chairs when we start and most often we are paying attention to what our bodies are telling us in the moment—and then we go from there :-)

Mine: I was trained by Gestalt Psychotherapist Melisa Pearce, a pioneer in the field of human/horse healing. Her Equine Gestalt Coaching program takes 2 years. I've been practicing since 2016 and I complete yearly CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to keep my certification.



Closed toed shoes like sneakers or boots.

Clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

A journal to record your thoughts after the session. You are welcome to go sit at the pond to reflect or write.


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Overwhelmed? Interested but scared? Not quite ready to get into the deep stuff? That's okay too. Everyone is unique in what they want to work on and how they want to work on it. Some just want to get to it and be done. Some want to take some time. Maybe you need to feel the experience out, see if this will work for you. You get to choose! There are lots of healing paths here at the Mother Ranch. Horses and donkeys aren't the only animals that do this work, my goats do too.

If those still seem too much, then soothing neurofeedback or Reiki may be what you need. My goal is for you to have a safe, supportive environment to heal within. 

Let me give you a big ol' hug!

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