You know when you are functioning at your highest levels. Your life runs more smoothly. Your reactions are…sane :-) You feel like you are swimming with the flow of the universe, not against it. When opportunities pop up, you take them with joy and ease. You are in what I call, “Fizzy Joy” and life is pretty darn good.


But Then...

You also know when you aren’t functioning optimally. My brother tells me to, “Run your levels and see where you need to top off.” We all need our levels topped off, right? A little food, a glass of water, being kind to yourself, it goes a long way. 
Neurofeedback helps you live, more consistently, at optimal levels. When you feel like you’ve fallen behind, can’t catch up, and are swimming upstream, it’s time to top off your levels.
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So, what do you do when life goes to hell?

• Get the “troll” off your shoulder. We all have a troll who likes to tell us, "It’s too late to…, you aren’t good enough, you can’t, you should have, blah, blah, blah." NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is the first line of defense when the troll pops up.

• Find where you need to say no and where you need to delegate. If your life has spun out of control, you likely have taken on too much. Take a step back and reassess what’s most important to you.

• Essential self care—Neurofeedback, spending time with people, animals, places, things you love: family, friends, dogs/cats/goats/horses :-), walk your favorite lake, hike a trail, take a class, etc. Be with people who fully HEAR you.


• Pray and meditate. Even if it’s for a moment in the bathroom! Prayer is when we talk to God and meditation is when we listen.

• Gift yourself free time with silent electronics. One of my favorite times of the day for this is in the morning. My phone is already off. Everyone is asleep or quiet and needing coffee not words. My brain and body are rested. I keep a notebook and pen next to the bed and when I wake up, I just stay right there, eyes closed. If I have questions I ask them and then I’m quiet, waiting for answers. 

Find a bit of earth.

Go outside and listen to the wind or the animals around you. If you can, sit on the grass and let all the worries leak into the earth, and then...listen.

Keep up with your NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.

Once you’ve done the initial set of 10-20 sessions you will find what maintenance level works for you. For some it’s once a week, some once a month. Every person is different. Follow Maya Angelou’s advice, “When you know better, you do better.” Do the things that help you live your life fully, optimally, and with FIZZY JOY!

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