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Julia MacMonagle
The Mother Ranch
Friendship Rd, Apex, North Carolina


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•••Visitors by appointment only•••
Because of the confidentiality of the work, I require an appointment to visit the ranch.
And bonus!, I can then focus completely on YOU! :-)

•When you set up an appointment to visit, you will be given the address.

•Please leave your beloved pets at home. If you're feeling deprived, feel free to snuggle one of the many animals here :-) 

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Why "The Mother Ranch?"

We bought our first ranch in Longmont, Colorado in 2016. We had looked for over a year and nothing had felt right but when we drove down that driveway, we began to feel the calm wash over us. We toured the house and it was great but we couldn't wait to get outside to see the 15 acres. Both my husband and I knew this was the one. We could just feel it. It took us a few more months to figure it all out, moving from the burbs to property is a big change but it was waiting for us when we were ready! During those waiting months, I started asking for guidance on the name of the property. "The Mother Ranch" came to me one day, out of the blue and it was the same feeling, I just knew it was right.

It's not because I am a mother, although I am. It's not because I work with mothers, although I often do. It's because the land felt motherly—like a huge, warm hug.

When we began searching for a new farm in North Carolina to be close to aging family, we were hoping for the same feel. When we drove down the driveway here, the same feeling enveloped us. The motherly love is strong in this land as well. Come visit and feel for yourself ❤️

About Julia

Hi there! I am an artist of 30+ years, a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Reiki master, and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback practitioner.

I live with my husband and son on the Mother Ranch, a 7 acre healing space in Apex, NC. My passion is introducing people to their intuition, creativity, and their own ability to heal: body, mind, and spirit.

I want people to feel good in their bodies and to learn the skills that will lead them to exactly that. Imagine being able to comfortably be in the presence of that annoying coworker or the narcissistic family member and not melt down or shut down. My mission is to support you on your journey of becoming more whole, more able to comfortably live your day to day life.

Here at the Mother Ranch we believe... equality for all.

...that all religions have a golden core of love, compassion for self and others, learning from mistakes, growing, and then passing it on.

...there are many paths to God’s love. the value and golden core in all belief systems.

…and listen to what the animals and the natural world tell us, as they are conduits of that golden core of love. 

…that prayer is us reaching out to God and meditation is going within and listening for answers. Nature and animals help us achieve this listening state. utilizing things from many walks and are open to new ideas that resonate with our souls.

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Certified Equine Gestalt Coach?

What does that mean? I was trained by Gestalt Psychotherapist Melisa Pearce, a pioneer in the field of human/horse healing. Her Equine Gestalt Coaching program takes 2 years. I've been practicing since 2016 and I complete yearly CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to keep my certification.

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