The Mother Ranch, like all good mothers, offers safety, unconditional love, big smiles, and even bigger hugs. We value balance and self-acceptance through the development of healthy relationships. We believe in the kind of "Fizzy Joy" that comes from living life BIG.

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What We Offer

Women's Connection & Creativity Workshops

A fun way to get back in touch with your innate creativity and intuition. 

Join women who are kind, generous, compassionate, empathic, and non-judgmental. 

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback clients report better sleep, increased work and sports performance, better relationships, less reactivity to difficult situations, and an overall increase in happiness, and sense of self.

Equine Gestalt Coaching

Gestalt is experiential and tied to somatic (our body response.) This method allows for a release of energy, mental and physical blocks, and pain. It creates lasting change.

Adoption Support

Local and online support groups. Summertime retreats held at the Mother Ranch.

Healthy Goat Yoga Classes

From spring through fall, the Mother Ranch holds goat yoga classes with our family of Nigerian Dwarf milk goats.

"Because of past experiences with creativity, I always had trouble with even just getting pencil to paper. In the Mother Ranch's Women's Connection & Creativity Workshops, we talk a lot about perfectionism and how it holds us back from trying new things and being who we are meant to be. I realized this was not only the case in my own life, but for everyone else in class too-including the instructor Julia! It felt good to not be alone. I learned better techniques for letting this old coping mechanism go and found that my creativity, relationships, and life have improved."

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FAQs and Fears of the Unknown

If you can't find it here, contact me!

We're on a 15 acre ranch just a mile and a half north of Longmont, Colorado. Longmont  is about 20 minutes northeast of Boulder and 40 minutes north of Denver. No horse experience is necessary. You will not be riding, all work is done on the ground.

You may! Due to the confidentiality of the coaching work we cannot have drop-bys but we do love visitors so just shoot us an email and we'll set up a time.

•Closed toed shoes that protect your feet and that you don't mind getting dirty or damp. Hiking boots/shoes or sneakers are great.

•Clothes run along the same line. Wear something you would wear to a barn and that you don't mind getting dirty or schmootzy. Horses sometimes give kisses! Check the weather before you come out. Layers are often needed in spring and fall.



•A journal to record your experiences

Nope! You can come to class having never put pen to paper and you'll be just fine. These are not drawing classes, they are fun creative classes where anything goes. You start by tracing the artwork onto your paper and then follow my instructions (or not!) :-)

The Women's Connection & Creativity Workshop is a women's creativity class, gentle coaching, and getting in touch with your intuition all rolled into one.

I start by creating a piece of original art (don't worry, you aren't a part of that process!) I then create a line drawing of it for you to trace. Yep, TRACE! Can't you just feel the pressure lift off your shoulders? You aren't learning to draw! You trace the artwork and then we play! 


9:00-12:00am We start the morning with a simple practice to create safety in our group, we trace the artwork, then I guide you through creating your own version of the artwork. You can follow along as I show you step by step how I do it, or you can make it totally your own. Most people use a mix of the two.

12:00-1:00 we are out in the pasture with the horses. This is when we will practice tuning in and using our intuition to find the words that go with our individual paintings. (Bring closed toed shoes like sneakers or boots to wear with the horses.)

At the end of the class you will have finished (or nearly finished) the artwork and have the words ready to add to your piece. You can choose to do that at home or come to an Open Studio time if you'd like to join others working on their pieces. I won't be formally teaching on Open Studio days but am happy to assist you in creating the look you want!

Currently, there is one workshop a month and multiple Open Studios per month.

Guess what? You don't need to! I create a line drawing from my original artwork. All you have to do is trace! YAY!

Open Studios are on most Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm and cost $35 to attend. You must sign up online to reserve your seat.

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