Special Notice: The Mother Ranch Closing March 12th—April 10th

Mar 12, 2020

After careful consideration, I have decided to make the difficult choice of closing the ranch from March 12th—April 10th due to ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus.

I have been considering the possibility of closing the ranch, fluctuating between doing all the things and hoping it is enough, and just closing down for a few weeks and hoping it all blows over.

As a small business, this is not an easy decision. We want to keep our clients safe and ourselves safe. The business side of our ranch is outside for coaching and goat yoga and in the upstairs apartment—more of a concern. We offer neurofeedback and art workshops upstairs and that was the area that I was wiping down multiple times a day, to keep the germ load down.

I've been reading the news, trying to get a handle on what needs to be done. Is it enough to clean everything? Is it worth the risk? Not really.

With all the closures happening, (colleges in CO just being the latest big one) and school systems sound like they are right around the corner, it seems in everyone's best interest to close the ranch to the public.

Hopefully, if we all pitch in by social distancing, we can stay healthy. Have you seen this, about flattening the curve?

I feel sad and angry. Which, if you subscribe to the idea that there is only fear and love, means that the underlying feeling of sadness and anger is fear. Am I afraid? Sure. Like so many of us, I have parents in their 70s, an aunt and uncle in their 60s. I have a brother under a lot of job stress. Brad is 60 and is now considered, "an older adult." ManChild has occasional asthma. I have wonderful friends who are in their 60s and friends who would be considered high risk. About 50 animals rely on us to take care of them. It only makes sense to have some fear. We are doing all the things to take care of us, and by closing the ranch, take care of our clients.

What if it's overboard? Maybe it is. It doesn't seem so by this map. Making the "social distancing" decision seems to be the smart move. I don't like it, but sometimes we do hard things for the greater good—lessening the chances of contracting the virus, thus lessening the chance of spreading it—particularly during the 5-14 day incubation period when a person doesn't know they have it and goes to visit grandma in the nursing home.

What about Goat Yoga? What about Equine Gestalt Coaching? As of right now, it's available. Goat Yoga starts in mid-April and is held outdoors. Equine Gestalt Coaching is also outdoors with the horses.
Please stay home if you are even a tiny bit sick or if you can't decide if you have a cold or allergies.

I apologize in advance for the change in your neurofeedback and art sessions. I look forward to seeing you all healthy and happy in mid-April!

You can see 4 new baby goats (born the night of the 10th) on their live cams, click here for the links!

You can also find me at The Mother Ranch on Facebook.

If you need to contact me, click here.

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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