Will Baby Goats Be Born Tonight?

Mar 10, 2020

Gigi and Alaska are showing all the signs and they are at exactly 145 days (gestation is 145-150 days) today! They've been stretching and yawning, pacing, distancing themselves from others, lying down and getting back up, and best of all, talking. Last year (our second year of having baby goats) I noticed that Gigi was talking, talking, talking and then that evening, babies! It seemed that she was calling her babies into the world :-)

Right now you can see our Nest Cam's live feed inside our Birthing Center, it will soon be chore time and the moms will all be back inside:

West side goat stalls.

East side goat stalls.

So, here's the scoop—if the baby goats are born at a civilized time, I will livestream on the Mother Ranch Facebook page and post it on YouTube tomorrow. If they are born at 2am, I will record it and post it on YouTube. And of course, you can watch it through our Nest Cam's live feed.

I'm so excited, I'm bouncing off the walls!

This is Alaska when she was a baby munchkin:

Her twin sister is Raven and Thursday is when she hits 145 days. I wonder, will the sisters give birth together, just like our twin sheep Olive and Layla did a week and a half ago?

Maple Kiss is also hitting 145 days on Thursday, here she is at 6 months when we brought her home:

We love all the babies born here but Maple has had some truly exceptional ones, she is a really great mom! This is Pip from 2018:

And his brother Riker:

And last year's babies, Velvet Kiss (darker one) and Angel Kiss:

We are having so much fun preparing for the arrivals of the 2020 babies, I can't wait to share them with you!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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