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Julia MacMonagle
The Mother Ranch
Longmont, Colorado


•••Visitors by appointment only•••
Because of the confidentiality of our work, we require an appointment to visit the ranch.
And bonus!, we can then focus completely on YOU! :-)

•When you set up an appointment to visit, you will be given our address.

Please leave your beloved pets at home. If you're feeling deprived, feel free to snuggle one of the Border Collies :-) 

A little about our location:

We are a healing ranch just a half a mile north of Longmont, off Hwy 66.

On top of our ranch house sits an apartment with a separate front entrance—this area is all work/office space. This is where neurofeedback, coaching, and art classes are held.

Look for the blue 2’x2’ sign at the end of our driveway, park on the left where the Parking sign is, and head around to the front of the building (west side). Enter through the red door and come upstairs. Coffee, tea, and snacks are in the kitchen, water in the fridge (remember this isn’t my home, so feel free to help yourself!) Take a seat in our waiting room (which looks like a living room), until it's time for your session.


About Julia

Hi there! I am an artist of 30 years, a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, and Reiki Master.

I live with my husband and son on the Mother Ranch, a 15 acre healing space in Longmont, Colorado. My passion is reintroducing people to their creativity, intuition, and their own ability to heal.

Here at the Mother Ranch we believe...

...that all religions have a golden core of love, compassion for self and others, learning from mistakes, growing, and then passing it on.

...there are many paths to God’s love. the value and golden core in all belief systems.

…and listen to what the animals and the natural world tell us, as they are conduits of that golden core of love. 

…that prayer is us reaching out to God and meditation is going within and listening for answers. Nature and animals help us achieve this listening state. utilizing things from many walks and are open to new ideas that resonate with our souls.

Donate to my nonprofit work with families who have a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

My nonprofit work with RAD families is under the fiscal sponsorship of a nonprofit called Spirit Horse Alliance. You will donate to them, for The Mother Ranch and they hold the funds for me until needed. As with any nonprofit, you can write this donation off of your taxes. If you have questions, please call me!

"I pull onto the long driveway and take a deep breath... I can feel my worries melt away. There is something special about this land, these animals, this community. I am safe here."


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