Nuances and Complexities

Jul 16, 2022

This week I find myself feeling a lot of feels and because of that being really really tired by the time I head to bed. Sleeping like a dead woman. Getting up and doing it all over again.

What about you?

Are the newest plague numbers getting you down? I found out that the original version had one sick person being able to spread it to 3 people. In today's version (4 & 5) the spread is 18 people. 😳

The lack of women's rights is getting me down. Down, down, down.

But then there's good news, so, up and down, up and down. I'm feeling tired and cranky.

GOOD NEWS on the cancer front: Mom's CT scan this week showed no new growth for the second time! That's 6 months with no new growth! They are going to keep her on the same chemo schedule which is once a week for 2 weeks and then a week off. And while that doesn't sound too bad, she only has maybe 3 good days out of the week in those two weeks with chemo. Please continue to say lots of prayers for her.

ManChild had his locs tightened at a salon in Raleigh on Friday. I didn't get to take him because I had a class I was taking so B-Rad did. I asked them for videos and sent them with a list of questions. LOL what was I thinking? Anyway! I did find out that the style that he chose originally and the one I've been working on creating when I started his locs back in April is called "Freeform high top." Makes sense. We are working on recreating this guy's look:

My funny story about finding a loc place to take ManChild: I was in Whole Foods by myself the other day and there was a guy in an aisle with locs. I walked up to him and asked him where he got them done. He looked at me suspiciously for a second so I told him that my son was from Ethiopia. I said I started his locs by watching some YouTube videos and they were ok but they needed to have some maintenance, "You know, I'm a white woman, what the hell do I know." And he goes, "Well, I didn't want to say it..." and then we both laughed and laughed 😂

So, what is the class I was taking that made me miss ManChild's locstravaganza?? The Nuances and Complexities of Working with Gender Diverse Youth and Their Families. 8 hours, 4 sessions. It's really good and I'm learning a ton. I've had several clients with what their parent's called, "gender dysphoria" and I want to know more about how to support these teens and their families. If you'd like to learn more, check out the woman who is offering this class. You can also look into the Gender Health Training Institute and WPATH—World Professional Association for Transgender Health.


Big Sky Girl is happy about this:

We've had a few rainy days that made the deer of the forest come out to visit in daylight hours for some reason:

ManChild and I went to go visit my parents and make them dinner this week. While I was cooking, I could hear Dad and ManChild talking so I peeked in and found them like this. How cute are they????

Which reminded me of these two photos of them from years ago. This one from...maybe 2010 when ManChild was 3-4 years old (he's always been tall for his age):

And from 2008 when he was maybe 10 months old:

Huh. I just realized that those are 3 separate recliners in those photos!




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