What is neurofeedback anyway?

May 09, 2022

You guys have heard me talk a little about NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, something we offer here at the ranch. After the accident with a horse named Celita (who no longer lives with us) I started doing neurofeedback as a piece of my self care. Lots of changes: better sleep, less anxiety, more connected to my intuition, less startle response/hypervigilance, I'm more even keel, in my body more often, less emotional numbing, my artwork flows easier, but the biggest one for my ADHD brain has been focus! I have focus! Wonder of wonders!

So, what exactly is NeurOptimal Neurofeedback anyway?

In short—it's a way to train your brain to operate more efficiently! Which leaves us feeling like we are in the flow, life is just easier and more calm.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is non-invasive and effortless—you can watch the flowing imagery, sleep, read, or write while it's happening.

Earbuds for music.

We offer 33 or 44 minute sessions (these time frames are set by NeurOptimal.)

What is the experience like?

Here are the steps:

• Call or text to make an appointment: Julia 720-635-7015
• When you arrive at the ranch, you park in the marked parking area, go around to the front (pond side) of the house to the yellow doors, the office is the door on the right and it's marked. If the door is closed, there is someone having their session before you, please wait outside and I will come get you when it's time. There is a table and chairs on the patio.
• When it's time for your appointment, you sit in our comfortable recliner.
• I attach 5 flat leads to you using water based conductive paste. 2 go on your scalp, 2 on the tops of your ears, and the one on your right earlobe is the ground.
• Earbuds in.
• You listen to music and watch the images, sleep, read, or write.

How does it work?

Using the leads attached to your head and ears, the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback computer processes your brain signals rapidly—when it detects brainwaves that aren't "optimal" it pauses the music very briefly. When you first hear the music pause it sounds a bit like a short skip from a record but very quickly you no longer even notice the skips.

And that's it. That's the "feedback." It's simple but powerful. It's a bit like the "rumble strips" on a highway. As you drive along, your car may veer slightly off the road. The rumble strip doesn't toss you back onto the highway, it just gives you info. Same with neurofeedback, the pause doesn't make your brain do anything, your brain automatically adjusts itself. Your brain learns from the info it's given and over time, without conscious effort, it learns to organize itself more efficiently. The blocks you've struggled with begin to drop away and life starts feeling easier.

Because NeurOptimal Neurofeedback communicates directly with your brain, there is no need for an outside person to decide what training you need. It's your brain making it's own changes.

How will I feel afterwards?

Most people have a big sleepy smile on their face when their time is up! "Oh wow, that was amazing!" are the words I usually hear from new clients. Most people feel calm and relaxed after a session.

Contact Julia for more info or to make an appointment: 720-635-7015

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


PS Because of covid, we require a mask for neurofeedback. Please bring one with you.

If you tend to get cold, please bring a throw blanket with you. Thank you!

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