Do you sing to your dogs too?

Jan 21, 2023

Happy Saturday friends!

Remember how I promised last week that I would have more animal pictures? Starting with the dogs:

Yesterday I got out of bed and when I came back a few minutes later, I Love Lucy was in it, "I'm so warm and comfy! Go away!":

I said, “Ok, time to get up and let me make the bed!” Usually she leaps out of the bed like she’s on fire. This time she showed me the whites of her eyes and then rolled over and showed me her tummy lol

I told her, “You just stay right there and I’ll get started.” I prepped the pillows (because I'm a girl and there are 1.5 million) and straightened out the other side and she just stayed there, grinning at me upside down.

I looked at her and she just rolled her eyes up at me. I laughed and said, “Scooch!” And she hopped out of the sheets and onto the comforter on the other side:

Well fine, I figured I'd just make the bed around her. She'd move eventually.

I pulled up the comforter and she just rode along with it, what a goofball:

I placed all the pillows at the top, then the decoratives, and smoothed everything out and she just lay there like a princess! :-)

These pics crack me up, one minute she'd be all "Woe is me, I don't know if this is ok..." and the next her tongue would loll out and she'd be laughing along with me. The minute I picked up my phone to take a picture, "Woe is me..." 😂

She's six now and our relationship has recently gone from, "This is my dog Lu, to this is my girl." I'll have to tell the story of that sometime...

Speaking of "Lu," do you all sing to your animals? Yes? Yes, right? Please tell me yes. When I sing to Lu, I often sing, "My sweetie peetie Lu, my sugar booger Lu, you are my good girl, ba-aby!" to the tune of Phoebe and Sticky Shoes. Tell me I'm not alone!


After a year and a half I finally figured out how to keep my livestock guardian dog from smelling like, well, livestock. The Polar Bear is inside for part of the day, and it’s been a struggle to keep the house from smelling like the inside of a goat barn. Girl goats don’t smell like boy goats thank God but they do smell like animals and not what I want my house to smell like!

I can see the Polar Bear from my bedroom window, a glowing white wolf in the night and I noticed that she had very specific spots that she slept. I used about a half a bag of pine shavings (what we use for the goat barn floor) and put them on her spot near the gate. I talked to her about how it would be comfy and she happily plopped down on the pile:

The next time it rained I put a big pile just inside the goat barn door and she did the same:

So now she smells like pine shavings! And strangely the goats rarely pee on her spot. As a matter of fact, Alaska and her daughter Dancer seem to think it’s a nice place to sleep during the day and when the Polar Bear comes in, they take it over :-)

Also, what is up with my dogs looking like they are miserable lately? If you know them, you know they are always happy, tails up and wagging! Lord. I think the only dog I've had that liked the camera was Onya The Best Border Collie in the Whole Wide World (2002—2016), but she was so used to seeing one in front of my face—she knew all about it and started posing early on. This is her at 9 weeks:

I mean really, what puppy does that? And also, wasn't she the most beautiful dog in the world?


Remember how I mentioned I was a little obsessive last week? Well, I kept the streak going and repotted nearly all the plants in the house! It was cold outside so I took over the kitchen island for a couple days and then couldn't make dinner—oh darn...



1. I'm loving the show 1923 on Paramount+ even if they are doling it out like it's pre-streaming days. Helen Mirren is fabulous!

2. Everything about Talented Tanara on Instagram makes me happy! She is hysterical!

3. I just loved this so much:

4. Who else can't bring themselves to watch the news? :

I love the John Muir quote: "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." Head outside friends! Need a pony or goat fix? Send me a text! 720-635-7015

5. A client who recently moved from Cary, NC to Boulder, CO (I know, so weird) posted this on Facebook, I responded below:


6. Is this the coolest thing or what? It’s basically a megaphone that amplifies the sounds of the forest:

I want one! Back in Longmont, CO some artist had dished out a spot in a huge chunk of granite and made a seat in it. It was placed at the edge of a little river. When you sat in it, it amplified the sounds of the water!

ManChild in the Listening Rock when he was about 18 months:

And again at almost 14:


As we enjoy this week of 50s and 60s, this popped up on my phone from last winter:

The view from my Colorado ranch kitchen window, 2021:


He's a lot less excited about it nowadays but he does indeed know how to do it! 2014:


I showed this to ManChild:

And he said, "Well, most people have cellular data so it doesn't really matter." 😂

And OMG! Seriously? My horses would be like, "WTF woman? Get off!" They haven't been ridden in years:

Me, every single time:

Mine is more Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but this works too:

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