Do people ever think you're "too much?" (newsletter)

Jun 11, 2022

Happy Saturday friends!

A new 12x16" watercolor of a beachy Friesian horse! My natural bent is to create highly detailed, realistic pieces of art but in the last few years I've been allowing myself to play. Fantasy and fanciful has been suiting me more lately. It's always fun to have options!

Buy an 8x10 print of this artwork HERE!

Buy the original artwork (12x16) HERE!


Last week I had a mom and her teen fly in from Florida for a 3 day intensive—3 days of individual sessions for them both along with neurofeedback. Rayn, Wynter, Sweetness, and all the girl goats jumped in to offer support, new awareness, and healing for my clients, and for me: support and information. They are incredible, wisdom filled healers and I'm so grateful to have them as a part of my life and work. Sweet little Galaxy hopped up and held space and Dancer was often in someone's lap (but since I'm not sharing pics of clients, you just get to see her hanging out in the rocking camp chair :-)). They learn young around here!

And I just can't rave enough about my new "barn!" It's in quotes because if you come see me, you'll probably think, "Are we calling this big pavilion in the pasture a barn?" Yes, yes we are lol. And it's just so perfect! Lots of air can move through and the "footing" is exactly what I wanted! I had my family over for our Family Friday night. I pulled out more chairs and we were all sitting around in a circle in the barn and I thought to myself, "Self...I think it's time to offer group coaching." So that's swirling around in my brain, expect to see me writing about it soon!

If you are in my area (Apex, NC and surrounding areas) I'm offering a special deal for you to come try out neurofeedback and/or coaching!

Half off your first neurofeedback session ($30 for 30 minutes instead of $60)

$25 off your first Equine Gestalt Coaching session ($100 for an hour instead of $125)

Please take me up on these—and yes, you can have both, in fact I encourage it! Doing neurofeedback before a coaching session puts you in a regulated state which the animals love and is ideal for the work. Doing neurofeedback after helps you process your session :-) so it works either way. The coaching setting is beautiful with the horses, donkey, and goats and in my air conditioned neurofeedback room you have a view of the pond and the wildlife that surrounds it. We are in a covered barn for coaching so are in the shade and out of any rain or weather.

You can read about neurofeedback here!

I blow out the barn each day but after a few days, it's time to power wash the floor. Unfortunately the animals are not "coaching barn trained" so there are pee and sometimes worse, stains that need to be cleaned up. It looks so nice after though!

Brad's been working on getting cross bracing in the ceiling of the coaching barn to help keep it from twisting in a high wind. After that it will be back to finishing the floor—there are a few mats (bottom left of the pic above) that still have to be cut to fit. Then comes the little storage area on the back side of the barn, I'm really looking forward to that! It will be about 15' long x 4' deep x 8' high with a sloped roof to the outside and board and batten siding like the other barns with walls on the property. The bottom of it will hold all of my chairs, and various odds and ends used in Gestalt coaching and the top half will have shelves. I'm excited to not have to schlep all of my things back and forth from the house every day!


This week it was the moms and babies turn to have their hooves trimmed. Everything, hooves included, grow so fast here! I don't believe I've ever had to trim baby goat's feet at such a young age but they did great with it. Galaxy (below) was a little squirmy but settled down and Dancer was, as always, curious about what I was doing. I let her smell the trimmers (they look like plant pruners) then she just watched me work. They have such dainty feet as babies, just precious.


We are at that time of year in NC where ants will fall right out of the trees, down into my shirt and bite me. Ahhh, the jungle. If you see me with a huge cowboy hat you'll know I'm just trying to protect myself from falling insects! Unfortunately it didn't protect me yesterday and a tiny ant fell into my bra: cue cussing and yelling. Good lord. I'm remembering one of the reasons I loved Colorado, fewer bugs. Fewer trees for the bugs to be in too and a winter freeze kept them down to a dull roar. Here in NC: ROAR! Of course when I was in CO, I missed the trees. The grass is always greener I guess.


This one made me laugh. A lot of horse people think mares are "too much." They like geldings better. This is why:

As a woman I've been told and shown that I'm "too much."  I used to feel like this when it happened: 😳😱🀐🫒 and I'd zip it, which is always what was wanted. I'm learning that πŸ‘†πŸ½ (with so many emotions every day) this is who I am and maybe πŸ€”, just maybe (haha, not really maybe, actually, really, absolutely πŸ‘πŸ½), the other person is not enough πŸ€―πŸ™„...πŸ₯° Buh-bye! All that to say, I LOVE mares! My mare Rayn is my rock and my heart. She's full of emotions and not afraid to show it. I learn everyday from her. I'm still working on allowing my anger. Women aren't allowed to have anger. Society allows us a bit of sadness...barely, even better if it's stuffed down into silent depression and anxiety. But God forbid we show anger. Raynie shows me how to show anger without harm. It's a good lesson.

Wondering how many of you are "too much?"

My flag is fading darn it. I've started the process of painting my business signs, maybe I should just create my own so it doesn't fade!


It's a 2 week giveaway, so no one to announce today!

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