Welcome to the ranch baby Galaxy! (newsletter)

Apr 16, 2022

Welcome to the ranch Galaxy! Isn't she the prettiest thing! Mom Charlotte was a sneaky one, quietly giving birth around 8am Tuesday morning. I looked at the monitor and suddenly there was a baby next to her! I went out to the barn and there was Galaxy being licked all over! So tiny! Unfortunately there was another little baby that was still fully in her sac and very still. I cleared her airway and did chest compressions but she was gone. You just never know what happens in situations like that and it's why I like to be there. Was she stillborn? Maybe. Or maybe the girls were born so quickly that Charlotte was licking one and kinda forgot about the other. Hard to say. I wish I had been there just 5 minutes earlier, maybe I could have cleaned her up myself and when she was done with Galaxy, we could have switched. I've done that many times with moms. I've only had a kid death one other time, my first year. A mom named Maple Kiss had 4 kids and one was stillborn. I wouldn't have thought I could have coped with that (coming from the burbs like I did) but the babies all came one right after another and one was struggling so I had to set aside the tiny stillborn and work on little Pip, who after some TLC, did very well!

So, we have two little girls, one for each mom. Dancer was an average sized baby, a few pounds, and Galaxy is teeny tiny. Dancer was born 4/8 and Galaxy born 4/12, you can see the size difference!

ManChild named her Galaxy :-) I thought it was a perfect name for a spotty goat! Each mom has a mini me, it's so cute!

This week has been crazy, full of visitors!

Last Saturday my family came over to visit Dancer. Daughter Nichole brought her good camera:

And then Mom, Dad, Katy, and Chris came by:

Oh my goodness, the sweetness! 

Monday night I had two of our grandsons (13 and 10) come to stay with us for the night.

Then baby Galaxy was born:

Then our Colorado friend Jenn came to visit Wednesday night:

and took these pics:

In case you don't know, this is a milking stand. It's a stand and the goats STAND on it. Haha. Not Alaska. "Do NOT touch my udder!" They both have just one baby and sometimes the babies don't drink from both sides equally. I was trying to talk her into allowing me to milk the super full side so she wasn't lopsided and uncomfortable. She wasn't having it.

Charlotte was a GOOD girl lol.

And then my brother came into town Thursday night

and took these pics of Charlotte—never before seen footage of her interpretive dance moves:

Also rare, our 6 legged goat ;-)

Even more rare, a bedhead Julia pic but who cares, I'm snuggling TWO baby goats in my lap! Happy sigh :-)

Things I found funny this week:

I was at Target, saw these and just shuddered to think how sweaty it would be to wear them. Do people wear these??? I'm a tshirt and jeans farm girl and fashion is often a question mark for me but...faux leather pants...is that a thing people do now?

And finally, I will just leave these here because I'm flummoxed by both. What do you think made this? I suppose an airplane? It was so low in the sky though...Looks like a giant butterfly!

And I've had goats for 5 years and I've never seen this once. Leave it to Charlotte, the weirdest goat I've ever had, to suddenly start sitting around like a dog:

If you're looking for more pics and snippets of stories, I'm on Facebook too :-)


And in all the baby goat stuff, I never even changed out my art giveaway for the week. Back to it next week! I believe I've been through the first go around of my prints, I will circle back around to some goat and horse prints again. And as things settle down a bit I'll paint some new stuff too :-)
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