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Nov 06, 2021

After a tough week of RAD sadness, I wrote this. The more I see and read in the Reactive Attachment Disorder/RAD world, the angrier I am. I want people to know what's going on. I want them to see the truth—but most moms have to stay hidden. I write about it but it feels like a drop in the bucket.

I want to help. Maybe interviewing RAD moms and telling their stories? Names changed of course, because they aren't safe. I don't know yet...if something pops into your mind, email it on over.

Not much has been happening on the ranch since I broke my foot and ankle a month ago.  But, slowly, slowly things have started to pick up. I can walk in my boot in the pasture now and today I spent a good hour out there at least, the first time since I hurt it! Another 2-4 weeks to go depending on what the doctor says next week. Brad and I have been making plans in this down time and he's returned to turning the back barn into a run-in shed for the horses.
He bought the rough-sawn wood to clad the inside of the back barn. We decided to let the structure be, termite damage and all. This is obviously not a long term solution. The matching front barn (in better shape) that will soon be housing girl goats!
Sweetness was super curious about what was happening inside "his" barn.
Both of these barns are just 16x16' so it shouldn't take him too long to clad the inside with only 3 boards. Just high enough to keep a horse from accidentally kicking through the side. He's using screws so we can salvage this wood later—we are guessing we may have to tear this barn down at some point. For now, it's holding steady.

I received my new business cards yesterday and I'm kinda giddy about them:

If they aren't the girliest looking cards in the world! I LOVE them! I pretty much only work with women or kids anyway :-)

Mom had her back surgeon follow up appointment this week and things are healing really well—yeeehaw! Keep up the prayers, she is still going through chemotherapy for the cancer and as you can imagine, the side effects are crappy. My friend Erin (I took over her neuro business when she moved from CO to Scotland 2 years ago) said neurofeedback, particularly our kind, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, is really good for "chemo brain." Chemo brain leaves the person feeling foggy and forgetful as chemo targets and kills ALL of the fast dividing cells in the body, not just the cancer cells. I went out looking for more info and found this awesome little video that talks about it.

Erin is back in Longmont, CO now and is building her business back up. If you are out there, give her a call: 720-600-9672 or email at [email protected]. She will bring the neurofeedback to you and is only charging $35 within Boulder County and $45 outside of Boulder County, until the first of the year! WOW!

If you're here in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of NC and want to try neurofeedback out, give me a call! 720-635-7015

And finally, here is my latest silly goat video! We have decided to breed 4 girls: Angel Kiss and Piper will be first time moms and Alaska and Charlotte will be second time moms. I will take pics of these girls for next week's post!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


PS We finally got our leather couch back from a clean, fix, and restuff place called Mumford Restoration and Lucy says she can finally relax. We feel the same, it wasn't quite home without this couch, we've had it for 10 years! Now...to get more pictures on the walls!

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