Broken Ankle AND Foot and a New Pastime—Zines!

Oct 15, 2021

This week a broken ankle AND foot and a new little "zine" (a tiny handmade magazine.) I follow someone making these awhile back and was taken with the idea so I thought I'd try it. Scroll down below the broken ankle story!

I always write these on Friday mornings and schedule them to come out on Saturday morning. I did exactly that last Friday and in a bizarre turn of events (after I wrote I was returning to balance) I was out raking, rolled my ankle, crashed to the lawn and rolled around howling for a bit.

When I couldn't put any weight on it without yelling we toodled off to urgent care to meet up with Nurse Wendy who was the same nurse I had 2 weeks before when I was stung.

Maybe just a bad sprain?

Nope. Broke both my ankle AND my 5th metatarsal if you can believe that!

The nice urgent care people put me in a splint, told me to elevate above my heart, use ice, and said to call the orthopedic folks on Monday. I used office chairs to scooch around in, until this cute little knee scooter arrived via Amazing Amazon on Sunday morning! What a game changer! Zoom! Zoom!

Monday afternoon I had my ortho appointment and he said, "If you have to break something, this is the BEST kind of break to have!" No surgery, no cast, just a boot and instructions to start walking on it when I felt able (the break is stable), and I was able to drive! Also I could take it off to shower and watch TV :-) The breaks are the same type: tendons in both areas popped off a chunk of bone when I rolled it, ugh. There is a 1 millimeter gap between the chunk and the bone it should be attached to—it's NOT floating around in there—therefore it's stable enough to walk on.

Out of the temporary split that urgent care put on—ahhhhh. Look at that swollen foot!

Bummed it happened, happy for the good news though!


Today I created a "zine," a handmade little magazine with whatever was coming up for me in the moment—kind of a fun little pastime. Even if I was writing about my son calling me out on not allowing him his anger! LOL!

If you want to make your own zine, here's a quick video on how to fold it from a sheet of printer paper!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,



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