Six days of summer in January! Magical!

Jan 20, 2024

Happy Saturday friends!

I've already published 3 other blog posts this week, what in the world? Maybe because it's been cold. Of course, I always feel like I have to say, "Not nearly as cold as some places have been having to deal with!" My friend Katie who is boarding at my old Colorado ranch, dealt with -27 degrees last week—that's cold!

But cold for North Carolina. Cold for my little Reynaud's Syndrome fingers!

If you happen to have this weird little syndrome or know someone who does, check out Blog Post #1—a new tip that popped into my head this week, that really helps!

It was cold enough (18 degrees) for a couple of nights that we had about an inch of ice to break up in the stock tanks. The horses just break through it no problem, but the goats were less than pleased. They prefer warm water thank you very much!

B-Rad giving the chilly girl goats cookies:

(They have heavy winter coats, they are fine actually :-))

At least it wasn't like this photo I took on our Colorado farm. I miss Colorado but I don't miss the ice!:


I just changed my phone over to a new background and it makes me smile to see my Happy Sunshine Mommy all the time:


Tell me you have ADHD without telling me you have ADHD:

Sent this text to my brother this week and he responded that he does the same! OMG! I am still giggling over it:

My brother says it's because these are my texts:

Which brings me to my second blog post of the week called, Parts, Masking, & Neurodiversity!


Sunrise over our pond:


Walking Lucy one afternoon when she suddenly stopped, raised her nose into the air and started sniffing. Strange. Then she bolted off to the side of the house where all the utilities are. She sniffed along each set of wires that go to boxes and then around the vents. I don't know what that was about but as I'm writing it, I think I will go check under the house:


We have entered into that magical time of year where ManChild has finished his semester finals (Wed & Thur) and has the next 6 days off! He doesn't return to school until Thursday! Being the end of the semester there isn't any homework and it's like 6 days of summer in January! Whooohooo! 

And speaking of January, as you know, I've been offering exclusive $70/hr pricing on Equine Gestalt Coaching (a type of life coaching), and Reiki until the end of this month (Neurofeedback is already this price :-))

Here's the best part: Grab as many sessions as you'd like at this special rate and use these sessions whenever you feel like it throughout the year. Whaaat? Seriously? YES!

Looking for relaxation and stress relief? Choose a Reiki session or a Neurofeedback session. Interested in a holistic approach to personal growth? An Equine Gestalt Coaching session lets you tap into some serious healing energy. It's like having a heart-to-heart with these awe-inspiring partners (the horses: Rayn and Wynter, and the donkeys: Sweetness and Jaffee) who, along with the coach—that's me!, help guide you on a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion.

When you're ready, shoot me an email with the subject line: "January Specials" to [email protected], let me know what you want to try and how many sessions and I'll get you set up! Remember: you can use them throughout the year with this special pricing!


Look, look! I did it!

Here are my favorite memes of 2023 all in one place!


Thinking about starting or continuing the journey of self discovery? Let's talk!

Here's the info and you can have all three—click each link for more info! (Remember there is special pricing for the month of January!)

Equine Gestalt Coaching Sessions ($125 for an hour but $25 off your first session)

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback ($70 for an hour but $10 off your first session)

Reiki Sessions (contact me directly) ($90 for an hour but $10 off your first session)


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