Run, awkwardly jump, or crawl toward your goals (newsletter)

Jan 22, 2022

I have a mouse-in-the-house story for you—eeeeeeeck!

I have a new Facebook friend (hi Alli!) and this week she posted this awesome pic of her favorite cow, her spirit animal she calls Mother Jumper. Apparently she's quite the wild thing, getting into all kinds of trouble, a leap-before-you-look kind of cow. Alli was talking about how she's a leap first kind of person and as I was reading about this crazy cow, I was thinking that I'm that kind of person too. I get a God Pop (you know, those sudden KNOWINGS that just pop into your head) and I'm off to the races in that direction. It can be frustrating for the people around me who want to dot all their i's and cross the t's.

And as the leaper it can be frustrating to try to explain, "Well, look, I just suddenly KNOW that we are supposed to move back to NC. I know it doesn't make sense on the surface but it will, promise. And yes, I totally understand that it seems insurmountable to just up and sell a 15 acre farm in CO after only 5 years and then move to an area where a good farm doesn't stay on the market more than a week, usually less!

But I just KNOW."

Anyway, I digress (although I REALLY have to tell that story soon!) I was talking about Mother Jumper and her strange ways. So this week, I was having a down day, feeling like I was shouting into the wind marketing wise. And here comes Alli with a Mother Jumper post that I just really needed to see :-)

Sometimes awkwardly jumping or even crawling toward your goals is all you can expect and that is okay!

My goal? To have a functioning business again. At the end of 2019 I was hashing out my 2020 calendar and realizing I was going to double my income! Now granted, it was from a $30k year to a $60k year but when one is growing a business, every bit is a big deal. And then the PANDEMIC hit and it was all shut down. I know many of you can relate :-(  I created a lot of artwork in 2020 and a lot of commissioned pieces, and even offered up some free online art classes but comparatively the money just stopped. So horrifying. And then came the big move to NC and now here I am—starting over in every way possible. So this week I crawled toward my goals and that was okay, I did move forward!

And since I mentioned how I sometimes just KNOW things, I wrote about some of my gifts and mutually symbiotic healing sessions here!

Horse Kisses tee is ready! Here is the link!

This week I got to meet the nicest couple who came by to pick up the print she won! In Colorado I met the most wonderful people, like minded folks, and we just found each other. I'm happy to report that it is happening again here!

Announcing the two winners of this 8x10 giclee print:

Thank you to all who entered and who invited friends to enter, you guys are the best! This week's winners are: Natalia Fischer and Meredith William—I will be contacting you by email!

You can see other prints here.

Next week's enter-to-win giclee print will be:

New video! I found this oldie but goodie clip and uploaded it to YouTube. This is how I call my goats, at least how I did in CO where they could graze way out in the fields. Nowadays on a farm half the size, things are a little cozier and the goats can see me coming and meet me at the gate!

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