Telling the full truth of it

Jan 21, 2022

This week a woman and her boyfriend came to pick up the giclee print she won in one of my weekly giveaways, she happened to live in town so she got to come visit the farm.

While visiting the animals we talked about all kinds of things, Reiki, art, neurofeedback, animal communication, and more. At one point she asked me, "Are you a 'reader' too?'" Meaning, do you get information from the Universe, God, the other side, angels, etc (depending on your beliefs) and I found myself automatically downplaying...


I told her I communicate with the animals, and I do. Why didn't I say the full truth of it? Because I didn't know her well yet? Possibly. Because I feel like I'm still learning? Maybe. Because I'm not perfect? Definitely. I will ALWAYS be learning, I hope to NEVER stop learning. But the whole PERFECTIONISM thing is always looming. Ew. Just stop it Julia. Yuck.

Will there be a post where I DON'T post this??? Probably not anytime soon.

I'm ALLOWED to say:

Seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and empathic abilities) flow through me—along with healing. I would say my abilities are boosted by the animals. All of my coaching work (and Reiki, particularly if I'm doing a session that includes the animals) involves me hearing, seeing, knowing, feeling and then asking questions of my client based on what they and the animals are all offering. It's a mutually symbiotic session :-)

So, there you have it, open and out in front of God and everyone. And thank you Risa for asking me this question. It took me a few days of chewing on it but I came around to a new awareness and that's always a good thing.

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,



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