Feb 01, 2022

I came home from my trip yesterday to find ManChild with a cold, or what we hope is a cold. Home covid test is negative and we are waiting to hear back from the other. So I'm quarantined in our guest room which luckily has it's own bathroom. My office is normally in the loft area which is totally open to the whole downstairs so I've moved it into the guest room too as well as the art supplies I will need for this week's commissioned pieces.

Stupid covid.

They went to the movies while I was gone where they wore KN95 masks and the movie theater was completely empty. Did ManChild walk into a sneeze? Ew. A Google search shows my theory to be true—yes you can of course catch it through contact with your eyes. Of course if you're rubbing your eyes but even just walking through a sneeze.

The good news is that I LOVE our guest room and having my office in the guest room! It has windows! It has a recliner! It has...a DOOR. It's hard to imagine that a door could be so important until you are WITHOUT a door, your husband took early retirement and therefore is always home, and your son is in online school and therefore always home.

We are ALL here. ALL THE TIME. And I'm working without a door. Before quarantine, I just sucked it up, yelled down to the world, "I'm working, bye!" put on my noise cancelling headset and got to it. They did their best to not bother me but I can FEEL them down there. Sometimes they yell a question up to me, sometimes I see them down there looking up at me, sometimes they come up. I was just putting up with it.

But now! I'm in quarantine and my office is in the guest room with a DOOR! (Can you sense my happy dance of joy joy joy?) I'm not sure I'm going to give this up!

Coming to visit me? Fine, I'll move back upstairs but I'm coming right back down to the ROOM WITH A DOOR as soon as you leave lol.

May your life include a closed door when you need it ;-)

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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