I'm excited! The next Women's Circle is scheduled!πŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ˜

Jun 08, 2024

Happy Saturday friends!

The next Women's Circle is officially scheduled! I hope you can join us!

Wednesday evenings from 6pm—9pm.
This one is 6 weeks: July 10, July 17, July 24, July 31, Aug 7, Aug 14.
$210 is the total for the 6 weeks.

This next Women's Circle is all about our vision for the future—1-3 years out. Yes, many people do  vision work in January but it can (and should) be done whenever you feel it works best for you. Having a neurodivergent brain, early January is rester time for me. I'm recuperating from the holidays!

This year I began my vision in March and just now finished it with a new idea to help keep my dreams front and center in my mind. One of the things that has always been tough for me to remember is to visit my vision regularly. But now! Wheeeeee! I'm super excited about this! I made something special for just that purpose!

But let me back up just a smidge—so, I have a lot of "oracle cards" that I love. When I'm feeling stuck or out of sorts, they are fun to shuffle and see which one pops up to be noticed:

And I got to thinking one day about how I want to remember to go back and visit my written vision when this idea popped into my mind: Make your own Vision Cards Julia! OMG! YES! So, I spent part of a Saturday doing just that! I love the way they look and they fit perfectly in my hand:

I made 16 mixed media cards and only have a few left to write on when something new needs to be added:

They go with me around the house with my tablet, phone, glasses. I love to look through them, their happy colors and hope for the future make me smile! These are super easy to make and being mixed media (all water based supplies that can be mixed and matched) any "mistake" you feel you've made can just be covered up with another layer! No art experience necessary!

If you're thinking, "OMGeeeeee, yes Julia! I want to join you for your next Women's Circle and create a vision for the next 1-3 years and some beautiful Vision Cards of my own!" Email me here!

I wish I had had this thought of creating Vision Cards for the last few decades, just think of the all the little colorful gauze bags I would have of my life and all that has been created within it!

That's ok, I have the memories—so many visions that have come to life! I'm suddenly remember in 2020 when we were making plans to move our ranch from Colorado to North Carolina. Knowing the power of the vision process, I first wrote it out and then I began stating out loud, to anyone that would listen, what I wanted to happen: I wanted to find a farm in Apex, NC, I wanted a cash offer on our Colorado ranch, I wanted a farm here in North Carolina that would accept a contingent offer if we needed to do that. I was constantly told: we'd never be able to afford anything in Apex, no one would give us a cash offer on a Boulder County, CO property of our size/price (you can see pics of our beautiful ranch here,) no one would accept a contingent offer (think of the housing market then—it was really getting wild in both states.)

And yet.

Our fabulous realtor and long time friend (Dean Mueck) found this Apex farm for us and guess what? They accepted a contingent offer! And when we got the offer for our Colorado farm...guess what? It was a cash offer! You can't make this stuff up. Working on your 1-3 year vision, it just works.

I hope you come join me to begin the process of creating the beautiful change you've been dreaming about!


(I would love to create an online Women's Circle for these Vision Cards as well. I have a growing list of women who are wanting an online group, so it will be happening! Interested? Email me here!)


Ok! Now, if you're thinking that 6 weeks is a little more than you want to commit to right now, please join the Women's Day Retreat here at the ranch!
Sunday, June 23rd
You'll enjoy a guided group experience with the horses, mini donkeys, mini goats (and two new baby goats), a lavish homemade brunch, and time spent creating a piece of meaningful artwork (think art therapy principles, not fine art)—zero art experience needed! Promise! Interested? Email me here!)


These two peas in a pod make me very happy:

And they've been two peas in a pod for a very long time too, this was when ManChild was...7 or 8 years old I think:


Just a random translucent-y green spider that was maybe 1/4 inch across:


Ooooooo the babies got to be loose (not in their fenced pasture but loose on the property while we did chores) with the adults this week! They did great and came running when I shook the grain scoop, good girls!


Someone from the Women's Circle shared this after our Saturday session:

And that's my goal for groups: SAFE PLACES.

Oh gawd you guys, I couldn't stop laughing over mine!

All I did was push the center predictive text button and it said:

This. This one right here. I laughed and laughed. This is my kind of funny:

Happy Pride month everyone! 🌈

I saw this online and it took me a minute to fully see it. In case you don't, that little boy on the right always felt like he didn't fit in his skin, looks like he was finally able to match his outside to his inside ❀️:


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