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Since 2013, I've practiced as a certified Reiki master, bringing this ancient Japanese healing technique to my sweet little ranch. Reiki fosters relaxation, stress reduction, and healing by channeling energy through "laying on hands." It acknowledges that this energy impacts our overall well-being; when low, illness and stress may arise, and when high, happiness and health are promoted.

The term "Reiki" combines "Rei," meaning "God's Wisdom or Higher Power," and "Ki," representing "life force energy." Thus, Reiki translates to "spiritually guided life force energy."

During a session, clients often experience a warm, radiant flow of energy enveloping them, addressing body, mind, and spirit. The holistic approach of Reiki brings relaxation and overall well-being.

Choose between outdoor sessions near the horses, mini donkeys, and mini goats or cozy indoor sessions in my office. Each session is an hour and tailored to your needs, whether you seek physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

I also provide Reiki sessions tailored for animals (horses, donkeys, dogs cats, goats, etc), acknowledging their innate sensitivity to energy and their capacity for healing. Whether you seek healing for yourself or your beloved animal companion, book your session today to begin your journey of wellness at The Mother Ranch.


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