Baby Goat Watch 2024 is here!

Apr 13, 2024

Happy Saturday friends!

Today is April 13th which means that we are officially on baby goat watch! B-Rad got the cameras online this week so I can keep an eye on them all night from tonight until the big day—typically it's 5 days plus or minus the due date (April 18th.) It doesn't make for great sleep but better to be there if they need help than not! I'm not noticing any noticeable signs of labor with Dancer yet but I will let you know! (Dancer on left, mom Alaska on right):

Saturday the pen inside the girl goat barn gets set up and it will be big enough to hold Dancer, her mom Alaska if she's wanted, me, and my birthing stuff—which B-Rad found hiding in a bin in the garage! Yay! I'm just so excited!

If you're not squeamish about birthing and want to see Denali give birth to triplets in 2020, click here! Scroll to about 4 minutes in :-) We were livestreaming it on Facebook and you'll hear 12 year old ManChild in his little baby man voice talking too. And watching this again, I can hear how much I sound like my momโค๏ธ

I am currently downloading all of my pics from my iPhone to my Mac in preparation of needing to video Dancer's birth! Care to guess how many there are? Drumroll............

23,074! I'm using Image Capture which a YouTube video said was the best and fastest way. It's been at it for 30 minutes now and it's only maybe 1/10th of the way through. Gulp. I've been going through for years off and on getting rid of stuff that doesn't matter and it never gets much better. Now it's so full (511.5g out of 512) that it's not wanting to run certain things. Fine. FINE! I will fix it.



Pretty bits:

I love this azalea! It's out in the woods and by where it is, I'm thinking that it was tossed out—maybe someone thought it was dead? It has this tall part that is about 5 feet tall and then new growth around the base. It's always such a surprise to see it bloom out in the forest:

Sweet Gum pollen:

And let's all scream at me, in unison, in honor of Mom who would be shrieking it too, "Put some lotion on Julie!" ๐Ÿ˜‚


Sweetness didn't follow me to help with the hay bags but Jaffee did! I love that they like to help:


You know, you'd think I'd remember to put the umbrella down, especially after last time...

At least B-Rad screwed it into the base so it took the table with it and it didn't fly through the window like before—it's impressive because that table top is granite and it's really heavy!


B-Rad and ManChild went to Ohio last weekend for 4 days to visit one of B-Rad's sisters and see the eclipse. Being boys, they sent me all of 2 pics. On the way up from when they stopped to charge the Tesla:

And this one ๐Ÿ˜‚:

Here is my obligatory eclipse pic, I keep forgetting to look up why it does that to leaf shadows:

These popped up on Facebook this week and made me laugh:


Ok, this isn't a meme but someone asked this in a Facebook group I'm on and it brought up a horrifying memory!

Another question I just had to answer:

Speaking of my handsome B-Rad (he plays on a pool league):


I wrote an extra post this week, come learn along with me! April is Autism Awareness month and my first post is here: What is Autism? Part 1. Spoiler alert: it's not what most of us, including me, thought it was๐Ÿ˜ณ


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5. What is your biggest fear for attending a weekly group?
a) fear of strangers/talking about your life to strangers?
b) fear of art/perfectionism/newbie?
c) fear of committing to how many weeks the group is held?
d) fear of being out at night?
e) I'm a little nervous about new things but I've been following you for awhile and I can't wait!

Just reply to this email to tell me you are interested and/or to answer questions! Thank you to all who have replied so far!


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