Baby Goat Snuggling Groups! 🐐❀️😍

Apr 06, 2024

Happy Saturday friends!

This is one of those springtime, life is popping up everywhere, photo-heavy posts! First off, we are 12 days, TWELVE DAYS, from Dancer's due date! This is how she looks right nowπŸ‘†πŸ½

Wow, right?! Every so often when I'm sitting out with them, she will look at me and lift her upper lip. It seems like she is saying, "Ugh. Get them out."

And I'm more and more sure about Denali being pregnant as well. So, I'm thinking Goat Snuggling Groups...yes? When I offered Goat Yoga in Colorado, it was a huge hit but in reality it was 10% yoga (maybe), 90% goat snuggling so let's just call a spade a spade shall we and just do what we all want—holding babies, petting mamas, and taking a ton of photos 😍 Share with your friends so they can join you!

Here are the two expectant mothers (Dancer on left, Denali on right):

And this is the father as a baby, I bet they have beautiful babies!

And a little throw back to 2020 when Mama GiGi was hanging out with 9 of the 12 babies we had that year—she was such a good mom:

I'm sure I post this every year and here it is again, all of our baby goats over the years we were in Colorado! We skipped last year and I'm just giddy to think about having them around again this year!


We had lots of rain this week! Here are the equines waiting to be taken down to the lower pasture before the storm. It's cute how they often pair up and it makes me really glad that we brought Jaffee the mini donkey on to the farm since obviously Sweetness needed a same size buddy:

I love the way the rain wash looks. I'm certain I should be annoyed by this but it's beautiful so how could I?


The donkeys are starting to share the very serious job of carrying the empty hay bags down to where we fill them :-)

This is the before pic, since they wouldn't leave each other alone so I could get a photo 😁:


Look at all the things sproinging up around here. Have hope Colorado friends, spring is coming!:

Baby oak leaves! These things can grow so big, bigger than my shoe!


The ferns are recovering nicely from being deer food this winter:

Baby figs have already started to appear:

Our gorgeous Japanese Maple that's at the front of our house is in it's springtime maroon phase. Then it becomes green with some maroon highlights, then bright red for fall. Such a beauty:

Maple seeds:

Redbuds! Mom planted a zillion of these at her house and every so often she and I would cut them way back, get out the shovels and pick axes, dig them up and move them somewhere else. I was in my 20s and she in her 40s then, you know, when you can take a pick ax to huge roots and not have the reverberations kill you 😜:

Here in the south you can grow pansies all winter long:

I have this thing about clover, I find it so beautiful. I love how dainty it is. Zoom in and you can see the dusting of pollen on it:

I like the red clover even better:

Speaking of, did you hear that Raleigh hit a record high for pollen?

Iris! To me these smell like jelly beans❀️:

The pine trees across the pond at sunset, so stately:

ManChild was walking around our pretty pond the other day and saw that huge snapping turtle that I saw last year. Maybe the same one? Maybe another! I've read about the size and Google says it's about 100 years old, how cool is that? It disappeared before he could get a pic but he called me so excited!

I was driving home the other day and had to stop on the side of the road to take this photo of the wild wisteria. I have to roll my windows down to just sniff the air like a dog, it's smells so sweet!


B-Rad was finishing up the new battery install and as I was sitting here typing this he just zoomed by on the golf cart, so, yay! He's done!

And I had to add this photo because it makes me laugh. Who takes pics of their little pink toes? What is wrong with meπŸ˜‚



Let's talk about the Women's Group I'm starting in the spring! For those of you who are thinking about it, would you answer these questions for me:

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4. If online, would you prefer daytime or evening hours?

5. What is your biggest fear for attending a weekly group?
a) fear of strangers/talking about your life to strangers?
b) fear of art/perfectionism/newbie?
c) fear of committing to how many weeks the group is held?
d) fear of being out at night?
e) I'm a little nervous about new things but I've been following you for awhile and I can't wait!

Just reply to this email to tell me you are interested and/or to answer questions! Thank you to all who have replied so far!


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