A new vision!

Oct 08, 2022

Happy Saturday!

Farms mark the seasons differently from other homes. I know fall is here because Sweetness the mini donkey's big, bushy eyebrows start growing in fast, the horses Rayn and Wynter are no longer glossy as they start to grow their winter coats, and goats...well, the goats start screaming. The boys have been butting heads for weeks and now the girls are coming into heat as well—a lot of yelling to the boys from the girl's side of the pasture. I'm having such a hard time not taking them back there! You guys all know how much I love baby goats and not just the babies themselves but the whole pregnancy and birthing process too—it's just my favorite time of year. But this year, instead of breeding, I'm taking a break on the goat front. We have so much going on right now and into the near future, I'm downsizing and selling the boys and all but 4 girls just to give us all some breathing room. This is a tough change to make but I think it's the right thing to do for us. This group will only go to good homes, not just anyone. If you know anyone who loves goats and looking for some super friendly Nigerian Dwarf goats for pets, let me know!

This is Piper, she's 3. She's not had babies yet. She's a beautiful, sweet girl who gets along with everyone. She has pretty blue eyes! And yes, girl goats often have little beards too :-)

Charlotte is registered and has had babies twice—twins both times. She's a good mom. Also blue eyes. Looks like someone dipped the lower part of her body in chocolate:

Galaxy, a 2022 baby, she's Charlotte's daughter and has her beautiful coloring. 5 months old:

Marbles was a 2020 baby, I love her fine features and cool coloring:

Raven was born in 2017, is registered, and has blue eyes. She's had babies once—triplets!:

This is Angel Kiss, she was a 2019 baby. I like her unusual coloring!:

All these goats except baby Galaxy were my goat yoga goats in Colorado, so they love people and will come running right up to you when you come into their pasture.


In other news, ManChild continues to manage high school a little better each week, finding the groove, yay!

Mom has some new pain medications that seem to be doing a better job at controlling her back pain, yay!

And I'm back to work, part time anyway, yay!

I finished the illustrations for that non profit's book that I was working on, yay!

And I sold both of my recent paintings, double yay!

I'm feeling better, thank you all for your kind emails, and have just started to pay attention to the things I'm grateful for and also am redoing my vision. I've never been much of a vision board with pictures kind of girl but I do write it. I haven't created a new one since we moved and I figured it was time to start expecting some good again!



The Polar Bear is loving the change to cooler weather:

But still finds the trains in the distance to be annoying and howls at them everyday:

Every so often I find a picture of my ranch in Colorado that makes my heart go pitter pat:

Waiting for her ball:

You will notice that she's tethered! When she gets loose she runs for the forest and disappears. Yikes. Her rope is 200ft long. Someday she'll get a fenced backyard.

The grass is always greener:

This is a pic that I actually took this summer. That bird house is for Purple Martins, which are kind of like a barn swallow. The bird on top is not a Martin but a Crow (or maybe a Raven, not sure.) The Purple Martins eventually scared it away by dive bombing it! You'll see one just above the crow and another coming in hot in the upper left corner—tough little birds!

I've started doing both morning and evening chores and am finding (again) that all the animal time is doing me so much good. Also this:

And while this last one made me laugh out loud with the truth of it—I think public school is actually giving it a run for it's money. The stress of not getting enough sleep, the sheer amount of homework, the anxiety of grades—bleh. I don't drink but first semester of 9th grade is tempting me!


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