A new horse on the easel this week!

Oct 14, 2022

Here's what's on my easel this week:

Ooooo, it's BIG! 5' tall to be exact! My easel really isn't built for that size and only goes down so low so I'm using a stool to get to the top lol

I knew I wanted to paint another larger vertical horse but didn't know the colors—sometimes they come to me in dreams but this one hadn't yet. Then the Apple TV screen saver came up with Santa Monica Beach and I was thinking, "Ohhh, such beautiful colors! Oh! These are the colors for that horse!"

Once the horse was drawn on the canvas I started second guessing myself but now that I've typed all that I'm remembering: NO FEAR! I'm just going to try it, it's just paint! Maybe it's these colors, maybe it morphs into something else.


This was a tough week. My mom went to the ER on Sunday and was admitted. She was confused and unable to respond to questions. My aunt and I swapped sleeping on a recliner in her room so she wasn't alone. Luckily she's home now. It's so hard to see her struggling with back pain and then the confusion on top of it. She's doing much better now. She was dehydrated!

The gift of this hospital stay is that an ER doctor read her MRI from the week before and said he thought that one of the lymph nodes with cancer was pressing against a nerve bundle in her back causing her pain! He suggested radiation to shrink it. Wow. We are all feeling hopeful that this can give her some relief. Please God. She started radiation Thursday and will have it for 10 days in a row. The expectation is that she will start feeling pain relief by Monday.



This week feels like:

Me? An artist. You?

This made me laugh and laugh:

Stop looking for the red flags in your life, instead look for the green:

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