A goat that is ok after all, sunning lizards, & fall flowers

Oct 22, 2022

I started off the week by heading out to the pasture for morning chores and was greeted by a squinty-eyed Piper the goat! What in the world? Some sort of weird infection? A piece of hay in her eye? I put her in a stall with lots of shavings, water, and hay and called the vet. Luckily she was able to come out that same day. I learned how to wash a goat's eye out with saline and a syringe and lo and behold, a 2" piece of hay was pulled out. Ouch! Poor girl! She's perfectly fine now though. So glad it wasn't conjunctivitis or something that could have spread through the herd. So, while spending $155 on learning how to wash hay out of a goat's eye is painful—it was a useful lesson that will not need to be repeated! It reminds me of the time we had a sheep in labor in 2020. She just wasn't progressing so I gloved and lubed up and went in to find...too many legs and no heads. A tangle. I called the vet and he said to flip her from the side she was laying on to the other. That, for some reason, seemed scary. He came out and did just that and then she started progressing but was too exhausted to do much. Since he had Popeye forearms he asked that I go in and see if I could get them out. Sure! Both alive and kicking. Also an expensive lesson but I'll always remember to try that before calling the vet!


It's finally happened, check out the interior and, on the right, the exterior temp:

We have entered...ACTUAL FALL! I had to turn the heat on! I mean, just to 68 but still!

When I go out to do morning chores the pond looks like this:

I've started all the hay that the girl goats pull out of their feeder everyday and turning it into a little pad for the Polar Bear to sleep on at night. Not because it occurred to me but because she showed me she wanted it that way! I was rushing through evening chores and didn't clean up the loose hay, just left it in a pile to do the next day. When I came out in the morning it was in a neat, flattened circle :-) What a great bed! She can go into their barn but doesn't tend to. She and Duke used to sleep out in the snow in Colorado on all but the coldest nights, she's a furball and this is the time of the year where she starts feeling more comfortable in her skin :-) She still comes inside during the day.

Ahhhhhh...cool air:


I took a little tour around the farm with the dogs to take pictures of the last of the flowers. I Love Lucy and I had to wander the forest first and make sure there were no deer to bark and lunge at. I keep telling her we love the deer and want to protect them but she doesn't agree:

I don't know what this weed around the pond is but they look like tiny daisies!

Some sort of lily at the pond:

The Pampas Grass is stunning as usual!

And the hedge of Lantana is still beautiful, it's almost 6' tall:

I love when I call the Polar Bear to come inside and she runs to me!


I got to spend some time this week in our downstairs basement aka the barn. It's where all of our barn stuff from Colorado ended up. It's been a wreck since we moved in so I spent a couple of hours just cleaning up a little corner. I'm so much happier!

It's the little things in life, right?

It rained for awhile when I was out there and then started to clear up. I looked outside and saw that Colorado had sent me a beautiful cloud:


I was standing outside of the goat barn one cold morning. It has gotten down to the mid 30s here a few nights this week. I was standing in the sun, enjoying the warmth when my eyes starting focusing on some little friends who were doing the same thing. I saw this one first—and while it looks huge, it's body was only about 3":

I love seeing it so close up and it's pretty rare! I imagine it was feeling pretty sluggish after the cold night. I told it I was enjoying the sun too and it was safe:

After awhile it was joined by a smaller friend:

And then an even tinier one appeared:

And sure, one might think, cool, and walk away—I wonder why then, why there, why so many...so I headed over to my favorite animal totem site to read about lizards. Funny that I do that really, what I would like to remember is to ask what's in front of me why they have shown up and if they have a message for me. I do it with the horses, why not lizards?

I was in the middle of my Thursday morning neurofeedback session and saw my favorite little group of 3 deer. It looks like 2 adults and a baby, but it feels like a mom, her daughter from the year before and her new baby. I didn't capture the baby in this picture but it has almost lost its spots, growing up so fast! They come into our front and back yard during all hours of the day and night. I'm glad they feel safe :-) (also, I really need to wash my windows!)


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