Jaffee plays, BABY GOATS, & the Portals of Darkness!

Dec 02, 2023

Happy Saturday friends!

I'm in the mood for GIFT GIVING!

For the rest of the year I'm changing my pricing to a flat fee of $70 for everything I offer!

Want an hour of coaching? An hour of Reiki? An hour of neurofeedback? Let's do it!

It's the time of year where some are happy and life is grand and others are feeling the weight of extra expectations, grief, anger and so much more. I hope you take advantage of my offer and come visit the farm. You'll feel it all begin to melt away just driving onto the property. On warm days I will often do Reiki sessions out in the coaching barn with the animals on the other side of the fence, offering their support. On cool days, I offer Reiki in my office with I Love Lucy in the room with us. She loves client days!

Neurofeedback is in my office and you have a beautiful view of the pond from your recliner. You will leave feeling like you've had a spa day, super relaxed ❤️

And coaching: if you're an animal lover, then we'll be out there with them but if you aren't we can also have a session in my office. Or, if you can't make it here, I can also do phone or Zoom sessions too!

Call, text or email to set up an appointment: 720-635-7015 or [email protected]

If you want to give any of these as gifts, I'll send you a pretty gift certificate that you can print out ❤️


I feel like I'm coming out of some really funky funk that has been particularly hard these last few weeks but in reality has been this entire year.

The one year anniversary of Mom's death somehow changed some things for me, for the better...until I entered the swirl of darkness of the last few weeks. 

Life was often seeming hopeless.

And then one night it occurred to me that I have angels and guides and loved ones on the other side and here with me I have access to some beautiful animals—and all are ready and willing to help. All I had to do was ask.

So, I did. I went out and talked to the animals and the other side. Little Man stayed right next to me for the whole hour I was sitting out there:

And the Polar Bear stayed nearby, just outside the fence, making sure I was okay:

Afterwards life very suddenly opened up and became clear in a way it hasn't been in two years now. YAY!

And then this week came along and smooshed me to the ground with the Portals of Darkness, you know, the ones you have to use to be able to communicate to a doctor.

A bill that was double what it should have been and no way to reach an actual person to fix it. OMG!

A prescription that needed a refill but I needed an appointment to do it and no way to reach the office to make the appointment and the Portal of Darkness said my account hadn't been set up (it had) and to call the office—where I was "caller number two" for 45 minutes (several times). Whoohooo! FUN! (B-Rad finally just drove to that office in Chapel Hill just to speak to someone and make an appointment. Good GOD.

And what I really wanted to do was actual work that was exciting me, the stuff that I got an answer on! Instead I was feeling very Pissy Pants.

I went out to the pasture and hung out with the animals and what I realized was that the business-world-powers-that-be, whoever the heck they are, all say, "Start your day doing the thing that is an annoying pain and then reward yourself with the good stuff after." This week I learned, once and for all:


Of course I'm opposite. Of course.

I have to do the joyful things, the marketing that excites me, the recording of an online art class I want to offer, writing, etc first!

First Julie, FIRST!

Ok, now I've written "first" so many times and it looks wrong. Like really wrong. So I looked it up while laughing at myself and found that that funny little phenomenon is called Wordnesia. Who knew?


B-Rad and I were out doing morning chores and Jaffee (the new mini donkey) wanted to PLAY! B-Rad took a video for you, check it out here!

Now I know these screen shots aren't too exciting to see but read them! Do you know what this means??????

BABY GOATS in April!!! Whooohooooo!

Let's look at my baby goats of yore to get us in the mood:

Our big boy Poppy as a baby:

Sigh...baby goats bring all the light and happiness 🥰

Some silliness by Alaska! I looked over and found her on top of the table we use to mix grain:



I think it's both...

Dean everyone:



It's finally cool enough for comfortable coaching outside! YAY!

Thinking about starting or continuing the journey of self discovery? Let's talk!

Here's the info and you can have all three—click each link for more info!

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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback ($70 for 45 min but half off your first session)

Reiki Sessions (contact me directly) ($90 for an hour but half off your first session)


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