Great News on ALL fronts AND 7 New Watercolors!

Apr 30, 2021

Ahhhh spring! It's a late one but it's finally here! Today is 80 degrees and sunny but the mountains are still covered with a blanket of snow—perfection.

For me, spring means I often wake up much earlier than I do during the winter months. With more free time, I've started painting again. I started with this little elephant to cheer up my mom and found something I didn't know—if you are a stuck creative, create a gift for a friend or family member and the floodgates open!

Various size prints available, contact me.

Speaking of my mom! Last week, after 9 weeks of chemo, my mom had a ct scan and they found that the cancer is 75% GONE! OMG! Happy dance! One more week of chemo and then she will move on to the immunotherapy. It's once every two weeks but is supposed to be WAY easier than chemo! Thank you all for your emails, prayers, and positive energy—you are the BEST!

6.25x5" original and various size prints available, contact me.

We had a short stint with a Wake Forest, NC farm we thought we would buy back in January where we had hoped to raise some Highland Cattle. We won't be doing that at our little Apex farm but I thought I needed to paint one of these cuties anyway :-)

5x6.25" original and various size prints available, contact me.

Spring makes me bouncy and happy, therefore...BUNNIES!!!

5x6.25" original and various size prints available, contact me.

This is one of our breeding bucks (boy goat or, I suppose, he would probably prefer "man" goat lol) His name is Heart. When we brought him home at 8 weeks old, I held him in my lap while Brad drove. He squiggled around until he was facing me, laid his chin on my chest and there we stayed, heart to heart until we got home. He is a year now and still just as sweet as he was when he was a baby.

6x9" original and various size prints available, contact me.

You know, I wasn't so sure about this rabbit until I showed my brother. He said it was his favorite and he liked it because it had so much attitude. I quote, "That rabbit is like, 'I'm gonna eat this magic flower, get out of my way!'" Haaaaaaa!!!! Ok then! He doesn't look much like the more pastel-y paintings I usually do and my brother said that's because, "I'm an adult rabbit, I'm HOPPING ON BITCHES!" Well, lol, yes, he really does look like he's saying that!

6x9" original and various size prints available, contact me.

That bunny with the attitude threw me for a loop and I had to go paint something pastel again! There is nothing sweeter than a foal <3

6x9" original and various size prints available, contact me.

And finally, "Jack!" I guess I needed some boy bunnies this time around! I love the Brown Hares the most, they have this perpetually surprised look about them!

The final news on the homefront: showings have picked up! We've had a couple of open houses that brought in a lot of people and interest is UP! Brad returned last week from our beautiful NC farm with good news—he's in love too! Our house inspection turned up a few small maintenance things, nothing big to worry about. Mold inspection good, septic needs a small repair and it's good, and we are waiting to hear back from the well water inspection but don't expect any issues.

We've been hearing hints of offers coming so we may be in NC soon!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,



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