Jaffee the new mini donkey rocks his first coaching session!

Nov 25, 2023

Happy Saturday friends!


Which now makes me think of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Tim Curry’s, “Antici…pation”


(Gawd, wasn’t he fabulous in that??)

We expected Thanksgiving to be joy and family and yummy food. Alas, that didn’t happen darn it. Instead in our little family we’ve had a not-covid-virus and exposure to someone who turned up with covid. Lovely. Ah well, we are on the mend and B-Rad never caught covid, yay! Lord. With all the crazy bugs that go around in the winter, I think we should instead have the holidays in the summer! Thanksgiving in June! Christmas in July! 


I have these pieces of stained glass that B-Rad gave to me a few years ago—I hang them with suction cups on my office windows. One morning this week I went into my office to find this one had slid down:

And when I went to pick it up I found it had slammed its sharp ends right into the wood! I think I will install a little hook and hang them from fishing line instead.

Jaffee had his first coaching session this week and was so loving and kind to our client! Whoohooo!!! 

He was also his typical goofball self this week LOL:

He is such a smart and funny boy! He really is too big to fit in the golf cart but he realllllllly wants to! The video at the top shows Jaffee learning how to walk along with me. Alaska the goat does this too so when he didn’t want to get down, I started creeping along and praising him for moving his back feet. Why? Just because it’s fun. Poor B-Rad, I’m always coming up with weird ways to amuse myself and to make chore time more fun 🤩 

This week I’m short on words and long on memes 😆 Oh well, last week I wrote a novella LOL 


We have to start off with one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES, haaaaaaaaaa!:

Once you see the Muppet, it’s hard to NOT see it:


ManChild does NOT relate to this. At all. Ever:

God this cracked me up! It hardly ever happens, I like most people, but every so often…:

My brother, in corporate America, sends me the best memes:

One from Bunmi! And I have to say, she is right—I loved the feel of knitting and it was so soothing and lovely and then…well dammit…and I never went back!

Let’s add some Tesla memes in for fun!


Did you know that Tesla car models spell SEXY? With the Model 3 standing in for the E because someone else already made an E. 



It's finally cool enough for comfortable coaching outside! YAY!

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