I Love Lucy's 7th birthday is today!

Jan 09, 2024

Happy birthday to the sweetest, funniest, weirdest dog that is so much like me, it's kinda creepy 😂

Little Lucy is from a Border Collie breeder (I know, gasp! Not a rescue?? OMG! Shame! Oh hush, I've had plenty of rescues too!)

The photo that sold me that she was the one:

The one that made me question what her size would be, even having seen both of her small, thin, smooth coated parents (her paws were huge!):

The photo that made me realize it really was a good idea ❤️ Little ManChild was so happy!

The one that made me start calling her The Dumpling:

She was like a fat little breastfed baby! 😂

Oh the sweetness:

The time I took her to ManChild's elementary school and introduced her to his class, she's loved kids and car rides every since:

They still looooove each other:

Nothing better than a puppy's spotted belly:

And then suddenly she started growing up fast, first the ears:

And then the legs (this was when her name changed from The Dumpling to The Rocket! I've had Border Collies since 1991 and I've never seen one as fast—I think she's just built the best maybe):

But she was still kinda a baby on the inside:

And she gets scared of sounds easily so we tried the thundershirt:

Which didn't help but hiding between the wall and the toilet in the half bath does :-)

She often looks very serious on the outside:

But that's just a hat she wears. Actually she's kind of a monkey—getting into things she shouldn't:

Being silly and making us laugh:

I was calling her, she was ignoring me and hoping I couldn't see her! I can't tell you how many times I'd come to the back door, call her in, and she'd look at me from her water trough, duck her head down and stay very still! MONKEY!

And also being sweet and cuddly:

Unless you want to cuddle, then she gives you the furry finger 😂 "I'd rather be running, thanks!"

And while she's tried a bit of herding and was a natural:

And she loves being active and playing ball, her most favorite thing is when clients come for neurofeedback! Being super sensitive, she makes a great therapy dog, coming up for hugs when someone is upset. She's a gem ❤️

Happy birthday Lucy!

PS Here are a few videos of Lucy!

Lucy and friend Finn Wrestlemania!

Lucy and Finn playing.

Lucy and Finn on Colorado ranch.

Lucy playing with the fart toy my Mom sent her :-)



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