Happy Birthday Rayn!

May 31, 2024

It was Magic Pony's birthday this past week, Happy 17th Birthday Rayn! 

This is the photo in Craigslist in 2012 that caught my eye, those dapples, swoon! She was considered a "rose grey" in those days (grey horses go through quite a rainbow of colors on their way to becoming officially grey.)

I went to visit her in Castle Rock, Colorado, about an hour and a half drive from Longmont. The woman put her in a round pen so I could see her move:

Her owner bred her half Andalusian mare Sol, to this Andalusian stallion Temerario VII (this is a fun little video of dad):

She was looking for a dressage horse to raise up as a baby, one that she could start with love. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer and had to sell Rayn as a 5 year old.

I was looking for a horse that had known love. So many horses are abused and while they are also worthwhile companions, I was also raising a daughter who had experienced horrific trauma in Ethiopia before we adopted her. I wanted and needed a horse that would not bring baggage with her.

Raynie was born May 26, 2007, a light bay (reddish with black mane and tail), wasn't she the cutest thing ever!

When Rayn was born, the owner's 8 year old son was in the stall watching. They loved each other from the beginning:

That love was passed down to ManChild:

When I met her she was just 5 years old and "green" meaning young and not trained much. The last time I owned a horse, I was 16, so starting over at 43 years old, I was green too! Everyone told me, "Green and green equals black and blue." I gave them all the raspberries and bought her anyway because my heart and Rayn herself told me to. I've never regretted it! :-) She came home on my mom's birthday, September 12.

I have a few photos of her pregnant mom Sol, and then a ton of when Ryan was young and I'm so thankful for them. Corrine even gave me the dvd of Rayn's conception! I can see how much love there was between owner Corrine, mama Sol, and soon to be baby Rayn:

And that love eventually transferred to clients as well:

This was the first time Rayn and my brother met:

But somewhere around the time that we moved the farm from Colorado to North Carolina, Rayn decided that she would mostly work with just me. She still helps clients, but with me as the go-between. Some of my favorites of us together:

So, anytime you see horse artwork from me, I create them all with Rayn in my mind's eye:


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