Hammock Time!

Sep 08, 2021

A few years ago, at our Colorado ranch, Michael and I bought Brad a Father's Day hammock. He'd always wanted one and we finally had the space! We decided on a double for just this reason:

How had I never experienced a hammock before this?

But I found that this style was a little too cocoon-like for me.

So for my birthday Brad bought me a different style:

Ah...this one is perfect for me! Notice the other nearby so I could swing myself :-)

In the fall of that year I started making myself spend more time in my hammock. Self-care was not a priority back then.

As I grew to love my hammock, I realized it's benefits and started introducing it to my coaching clients!

It was such a great way to help calm dysregulated kiddos who were worried about life. Anxiety seems to be a common theme among children these days.

Even my adult clients loved it! And the baby goats often joined them!

And now here we are in NC without our hammocks! So, I asked for one for my birthday again. It's one I saw on Facebook awhile back and Brad remembered me talking about it. It's huge and can hold 500 pounds! And now we have trees to tether it to!

Here are two of my grandbabies playing in it just yesterday!

And my view from it :-)

If I had known how wonderful they were, I would have put one in my postage stamp size yard way before we bought the first ranch. So if you're able, go now and get one! We all need more happiness and regulation in our lives and there is nothing better than staring at the treetops and sky and just allowing yourself to daydream.

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


PS I've uploaded a few new videos to the YouTube channel!

Two shorts:

Bratty Wynter

Tessa Plays!

And a longer weekly video!

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