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FAQs and Fears of the Unknown

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I'm on a 7 acre ranch in Apex, NC. Apex is about 30 miles southwest from downtown Raleigh. No horse experience is necessary. You will not be riding, all work is done on the ground.

You may! Due to the confidentiality of the coaching work I cannot have drop-bys but we do love visitors so just shoot me an email and we'll set up a time.

•Closed toed shoes that protect your feet and that you don't mind getting dirty or damp. Hiking boots/shoes or sneakers are great.

•Clothes run along the same line. Wear something you would wear to a barn and that you don't mind getting dirty or schmootzy. Horses sometimes give kisses! Check the weather before you come out. Layers are often needed in spring and fall.



•A journal to record your experiences

Nope! You can come to class having never put pen to paper and you'll be just fine. These are not drawing classes, they are fun creative classes where anything goes. You start by tracing the artwork onto your paper and then follow my instructions (or not!) :-)


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