Tiny Paintings!

Tiny paintings are all about little bursts of joy—enjoy yours for awhile and then pass it on to someone who needs a boost!

Each tiny painting is an original 3x4" watercolor and a joyful gift of love by Apex, NC artist Julia MacMonagle of The Mother Ranch.

Give Yourself a Treat

Maybe it's something you eat, or do, or wear, or buy, or even giveaway—or maybe all of the above!

I have to remind myself to use the Limoges china more often, or to wear the pretty sweater I bought for a special occasion—hiding things in a closet for "someday" gives me a feeling of scarcity—ew.

Treating yourself puts you in a "joyful abundance" mindset!


We had sheep at my Colorado ranch. Watching them curl up with their mothers left me with such a peaceful feeling.

Imagine yourself as a young lamb in the spring, cuddled up to your mother in the grass. The sun is shining, the breeze is soft, and the sky so blue. You are warm. Your bird friends are singing in the bushes. You have nothing to do but soak in beauty and love. Let the comfort, contentment, and peacefulness wash over and sink into your soul.

"Reach for the next good thought."

I was out with my mini donkey Sweetness while struggling with anxiety and overwhelm when I suddenly heard him say, "Reach for the next good thought."

Excellent advice and it quickly takes you right out of a negative spiral!

Be your own Mama Bear

Even as adults, sometimes we just want our mommies! Maybe today you try mothering yourself (either the way your mom did, or the way you wished she did.) I bet there is some area in life right now where you wish you had a Mama Bear on your side—be that Mama Bear for yourself!

Then draw yourself a bath, make a good meal, curl up on the couch with a snuggly blanket, and congratulate yourself for doing a good job adulting today.

Speak Your Truth

Today, speak your truth out loud (even if it's just to yourself in the car), to the person who needs to hear it, or in writing, painting, or another creative way. However it needs to be expressed, just get it out of your body!

If you need help with that, come to the ranch and for some coaching—find the voice trapped inside!

Be Silly

Be silly today! Wear the funny hat. Use the umbrella with the ducks all over it. Watch for other's smiles and smile back—big—with your eyes and your teeth!

When people see your silliness they immediately light up and you know you've spread JOY!

Let me give you a big ol' hug!

Join a group of like minded folks who get weekly stories that feel like a great big hug, ranch videos, and free goodies from me.


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