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There's a mouse in my house!

Jan 20, 2022

14 year old ManChild wanders out into living room, eyes big: Uh...I was leaving my bedroom door open so my room would be warmer and a mouse just ran in.


Brad just grins and keeps...

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3 inches of rain at the ranch (newsletter)

Jan 08, 2022

We started off the new year with a bang! THREE inches of rain in 24 hours and then a short bit of snow to end that storm!

So pretty! It had been 70 the day before so it didn't stick.

All that rain...

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The last stories of 2021! (newsletter)

Jan 01, 2022

I'm 52 years old and didn't know this! Here's the story:

It was the Wednesday before Christmas. My brother was in town and we were hosting a preChristmas brunch for the fam before Michael went home...

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Merry Christmas and EXCITING news! (newsletter)

Dec 25, 2021


I don't really expect you to read this at 6am on Christmas day but figure you might need a break from the family at some point :-) 

My brother was in this past week and we...

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