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Lambing Season—Not For the Faint of Heart

Mar 04, 2020

Laura Longtail's boy/girl twins, born a week ago.

In a week's time, we had three sets of boy/girl twins, lovely!

Brad was out working on the birthing center this Saturday when he heard the low...

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First lambs of 2020!

Feb 24, 2020

Monday, 2:45am: I'm staring at my phone on the bedside table, watching Laura Longtail, who seems to be searching for something. Weird.

2:48am: Ok, something isn't right. Did she have a baby and it...

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Brad's Retirement, Day 1: Sheep Wrangling

Feb 04, 2020

Brad was offered early retirement in July 2019, he accepted and January 31st was his last day of work.

The next day, this was what he was doing!

We have to give yearly shots to all of the sheep but...

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