Aug 30, 2021

Sweet Midgie went to heaven back in February, in the middle of all of the upheaval of the pandemic and prepping for moving the ranch to North Carolina. Her kidneys were giving out on her and she had a mass on her spleen.

I wanted to share her life with you though, she was a gem of a dog :-)

2011—the very first picture of 3 year old Midgie. My friend Laura showed it to me one evening while we were having dinner at my house. She told me that her friends needed to find this little Border Collie a new home. I was down to just one dog and decided I needed to visit her. I'm a sucker for smooth coated, prick eared Border Collies!

April, 2011. Our first meeting with Midgie! Michael was just 3 years old here and Midgie was enthralled with him, "You deserve KISSES little boy!"

She quickly took her place as guardian for Michael. He caught a lot of colds back when he was tiny and Midgie was always right there for comfort.

Boy did she love squirrels!

One of my most favorite shots of her! Did she know the squirrel was JUST on the other side?

Out for a hike, back in the day when I had a ton of hair :-)

Midgie had been trained to work sheep and I had trained with Onya (prekids) to work sheep too. So, for awhile, I took lessons and even went to a clinic with Midgie. She was so sweet to work with and wanted to do the right thing. Laura took this photo of Midge in our early days together. She was such a wolfie looking little dog!

She loved to play in the water! Moving water was the best so splashing was so much fun for her! Hoses and sprinklers were a favorite too!

She loved getting her every other week massages from Mary Kennedy of In the Presence of Animals. Mary has been a dear friend for years and years and her work with animals is extraordinary. I credit her with my Border Collies Onya, Ike and Midgie's long lives. Onya was 16 when she crossed, Ike 15, and Midgie 14. If your dog is your best friend, start massage now! Mary also does Transformational Breathwork which can be life changing. She lives in Lafayette, Colorado.

Midgie and Ike

She was happy as a clam when we moved to the Colorado ranch :-)

Enjoying the cool floor on a hot summer day. I have this one framed in my house.

Midgie was born in 2007 and crossed on February 19th of this year. Fly free sweet girl. I know you are chasing water from garden hoses and herding sheep in heaven with Tippy, Shadow, Onya, and Ike. We miss you every day.

It goes by fast. Hug your dogs today.

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,



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