This is what resilience looks like.

Dec 10, 2021

I saw this on Facebook and I really needed it, thought you might need to see this too. I got a lot done this week and feel like I'm starting to get somewhere finally (business wise.) I also did a Reiki session with my mom and had mom and Katy over for brunch yesterday. It was a productive week! But by the time today rolled around, I felt like this person on the floor hugging a pillow with a roll of toilet paper. A whole bunch of tears. Grief comes and goes and sometimes it just arrives when you least expect it. While today is funky, at least I'm old enough to know now that it will disappear just as suddenly as it arrived.

Remember the Japanese maple I showed you last week?
This is what it did over the weekend!

We had a lovely frost yesterday. We are unlikely to get the fluffy white stuff here so we have to make due with frost. I'm not complaining (mostly lol.)
Brad set me up in the downstairs basement garage—I needed a BIG wall because I'm working on this huge 9x12' canvas drop cloth that will block off the garage from people coming for neurofeedback. I'll be using temporary neuro quarters until my office is created (in this same downstairs basement garage actually.) I wanted it to look similar to my cards:
The pink isn't the same and I was concerned that I didn't sponge enough of the other colors to give it the same feel...
But I'm about half way done and I think it's got a similar vibe, I'm good with it :-) I hope to finish it this weekend, I'll snap a photo for you!
In other news, Miss Rayn is just fine now! All swelling is gone and her white blood count is back to normal! I caught this picture this week, I really didn't realize how thick her coat was!
Brad has moved on to the next project, creating the little barn for the boy goats. It's honestly the cutest thing you've ever seen! The back half is the barn, the front half is a little porch. There will be a sliding barn door on the right so we can clean out the inside easily. Brad and I have batted the ideas for this thing around for a few weeks, it's fun to see it come together. He's got the metal roof on now and is starting to side it. As it weathers it will look like the barn next to it. After that is done he will start the fencing around it. The boys will be moving in maybe next weekend!
Everyone is feeling a bit crispy around the edges so either we need to take a break this weekend or make chocolate chip cookies. Maybe both.

Hope you guys have a great week, maybe with some cookies :-)

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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