The Wild Whirlwind that is Colorado living!

Sep 09, 2020

Hello friends!

Well, it's been a wild whirlwind of weather here in Colorado this week! Saturday we broke a record here in Colorado: 102º...whaaaaat? It's September! It shouldn't be this hot! But because, hey, "2020," we quickly followed that up with a drop of about 70º with rain and snow. Lord. Saturday was also the day that the big Cameron Peak Fire (now grown past 100,000 acres burned), northwest of us, got whipped into a frenzy from a lot of winds up there and just exploded, creating dark skies and a lot of ash here in Longmont. Our air quality was a 340! So, back to the respirator.

The silver lining in all this? After the snow, the air quality was back down to a 1. A huge sigh of relief! The news says it's not enough to completely extinguish that big fire but it has tamped it down some. If you've been doing a rain/snow dance with me for the last few weeks, keep it up! We (and the whole western half of the country) still need moisture!

The weather said it would be 5-8 inches of snow but I'm just happy to have it be wet outside!

I hear you asking, "What about all the animals?" All the "littles" (sheep and goats) have barns they go in and out of and they are holed up inside during all of this. When we went out yesterday to do morning chores, everyone was shivering and looking at us like, "WTH Mom?!" No one has grown their winter hair yet, because it's SEPTEMBER! The horses are all in blankets and have spent a lot of time under their sheds in the pasture. Everyone was shivering except...

our livestock guardian dogs! :-) They haven't grown their winter coats yet either and yet were happily hanging out in the sleet with big goofy smiles, "Hey Mom! This is the BEST isn't it?"

Everyone got fed a ton of extra hay yesterday, 4 feedings, to help them keep warm. This morning was a little bit warmer and no one had the shivers, whew!

Here's to real fall weather happening soon!

Watch our latest video from, you know, just last week when it was still summer :-)

Summer Farming Chores—Baby Goats, Horses, Mini Donkey, Dogs, Sheep—So You Wanna Buy A Farm—Ep 6

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Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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PS 8 years ago yesterday, I met my mare Rayn and my life has grown in leaps and bounds because of her. Here are my first pictures of my sweet girl, she's 13 now! Rayn is 3/4 Andalusian and her father was also a grey. She was born a light bay (reddish body, black mane and tail) and has been slowly becoming grey since then.

The first photo I ever saw of Rayn.

My first time riding Rayn.

Lucky to have her in my life!


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