The Permanent and Imperfect Art of Sketching in Pen

Feb 15, 2020

I sketched this in pen recently, it may turn into something, it may not. Either way is okay.

I almost always sketch in pen now, it forces me to accept the imperfections. I used to sketch in pencil so I could erase.

And erase.

And erase.

Sometimes I would erase so much I'd be left with blank paper again. For a period of time I didn't sketch at all, it was so stressful to try to draw something perfectly.

But perfect really isn't the point of a sketch is it?

It reminds me of journaling freehand , mine is a scribble of cursive and printing with block print thrown in. I rarely question it, it's just my handwriting. I get my point across and that's all that matters.

It's the same with a sketch. These utilitarian looking writings and drawings get my point across just fine.

If you're curious, try it, see what you think. Maybe it's a rough draft, maybe not. Maybe it has words, maybe not. Whatever comes out, it's enough. If it's a stick figure, it's enough. Self expression and a baby step past the perfectionism that holds us back is a worthwhile goal.

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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