Playing in Watercolor, "Queen of the Mountain"

Apr 28, 2020

Watercolor, 9x12, available

This painting is from a photo I recently took of Denali's daughters, sisters Sprinkles and Marbles playing on stumps in the goat yard. I always thought the King of the Mountain game was more of a boy thing but nope, girls too :-) I love the way their ears go straight up and turn outward when they are thinking about butting heads!

We've been trying not to butt heads here in the house, it's hard sometimes when we are all together so much! Other than the fact that I can't hold events and can't have clients, the stay-at-home order doesn't make our internal lives so very different—I work from home, Brad just took early retirement, and our son is already homeschooled. And yet...there is still the fact that we are kind of "stuck" here. It's a weird feeling isn't it? So human head butting happens. Last week I was frustrated and angry and tried to work it off by moving a mountain of wood chips with the tractor. Meh. It didn't help. Brad asked what was wrong but I didn't think it was wise to talk about it just then—too much frustration would have come out and accomplished nothing but hurt feelings. So I headed to the goat pen, sat on the ground and let the babies maul me for about an hour. Honestly, I giggled my fury away!

That's when I realized what I needed was a family schedule. Some flexible expectations. I'm still painting and selling paintings, marketing, updating my website, blogging and need chunks of time to do those things during the day. We talked about it and came up with a new schedule that is working well.

Yay for communication! ;-)

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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