Ooooo, guess what?!

Mar 30, 2021

We are officially under contract on the Apex, NC farm I was telling you about last time!

Did we sell our Longmont ranch yet, you ask? No, not yet. The Apex place allowed a contingent offer–a miracle in this housing market, so now we just have to sell our place here in CO! Honestly, that seems much more doable now that we have a home to move in to in NC :-) It's all falling into place!

To that end, I've created a space on my website that is all about the CO ranch: the multigenerational house, the incredible views, the barns and acreage, a bunch of maps explaining everything, and of course the realtor's info! The link is on the home page or you can see it all here!

I'm wondering if you would, pretty please, forward this email, or share the link, to your friends and family? It doesn't matter where you are, you never know–your Aunt Suzie's best friend from college's uncle's brother might be thinking about moving to Colorado!

I thought I'd make a video and give you a glimpse into Snowy Springtime Chores here on the Colorado ranch. This week, now that it's dry again, I'll be working on clicker training Rayn, Wynter, and Sweetness to load into the trailer. I did a little work on it in the fall but fell behind with the holidays, family stuff, and snow. Back to work (or play as I like to call it) so we are ready when the big move day comes!

I had to take a few photos of the early stages of spring, they always give me such hope and joy!

The first flower of 2021! A crocus I believe, although all the ones I've seen here are purple!

Like this purple crocus blooming among the old lamb's ears. Even the lamb's ears have a few young leaves starting.

("OMG. Is she going to show me a bunch of pics of bulb leaves???")

YES I AM! These will be red tulips!

If you're in somewhere like California, maybe you don't understand the excitement of:

Poppy leaves! Poppies don't bloom until late May-ish but they are just my most favorite flower ever!

Who can resist their funny, fuzzy buds and their fine veined, papery petals?

I love how the daffodils push up with a bunch of their friends!

And even a few things are popping up in the veggie garden! No asparagus yet, the chives have arrived, and look at these leaves of the rhubarb, makes me think of a brain lol  If you're local and like to make strawberry rhubarb jam, let me know! This is an organic garden and I would love for someone to use this!

The snow is gone! Praise be!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


PS Brad will be in NC soon for the home inspection, I hope to have a few photos for you when he gets back!

Let me give you a big ol' hug!

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