OMG my ranch smells like pot! Not for the reason you'd think though...

Oct 10, 2019

It’s inside the house, outside on the ranch, honestly, whole chunks of Longmont smell like this now!

You’d think, because we are a legalized state that it would actually be pot creating that smell but nooo…

It’s HEMP. Just growing, in the sunshine, and smelling up the state. For a couple of months I thought it was a skunk (oh stop laughing :-) I’ve never smoked pot, how should I know?)

Then a niggling in the back of my brain from my whitewater kayaking years…a group of kayakers off on the rocks taking a “safety break.” The smell of skunk and Brad telling me they were smoking pot. Huh. Who knew. Why anyone would want to take something that smells like the back end of a skunk and suck it into their lungs is beyond me.

Across the street from us is a 100+ acre hemp farm and to the north and east is another 80+ acres. I was grossed out by the smell at first by I've decided to try to embrace it. It's for CBD and that is such a wonder product for so many. It brings in such huge revenue that we are actually thinking of growing an acre of it next year! It’s already funny smelling around here, might as well make some money on it :-)

Maybe with the hemp money we will put in air conditioning instead of using the evaporative cooler. We could leave the windows closed with a/c and leave the skunky smell outside!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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