New painting & 3 horse prints ready for Christmas delivery!

Nov 26, 2022

PRINT #1: Infinity Blue

Infinity Blue, acrylic, 20"x60"

This painting took me to unexpected places that I didn't, at the time, understand. Why was I feeling sadness, joy, frustration, silliness, fear, love, and so much more while painting?

About half way through and in the midst of feeling frustrated, my mare Rayn took me on a journey in a dream: we galloped bareback across the lush green pastures at our last ranch in Colorado. Later she showed me this painting, it had touches of gold in it and pretty paisley patterns. She told me it wasn't a stallion as I had originally thought, she was a glorious, powerful, bold, mare.

I've been working on this when I could, for the last 6 weeks, the last weeks of my Mom's life on earth (thus, all the emotions.) She is the reason we moved our farm across the country to North Carolina. I was lucky enough to spend almost 18 months with her before she crossed.

My Mom gave me the message written around the barrel of the horse's body, "I am power and light and love for infinity." She had switched a lot of her communication with me from verbal to soul. She would pop into my thoughts and give me swaths of beauty—telling me what it was like for a body to let go and a soul to be set free.

I am offering signed and numbered prints of Infinity Blue in a slightly smaller size: 15x45" for $300 with free shipping. Ordering info at bottom of page!

PRINT #2: SunGod

SunGod, acrylic, 16x40" (original sold)

The SunGod print will be signed and numbered and offered in a 12x30" size, for $175, free shipping. Ordering info at bottom of page!

PRINT #3 Mystic Soul

Mystic Soul, acrylic, 22x28" (original sold)

The Mystic Soul print will be signed and numbered and offered in a 16x20" size, for $175, free shipping. 


Ordering is simple: text me (720-635-7015) which print/s you'd like, your name, email address, and mailing address and whether you prefer:
Venmo (send me your Venmo name which you can find on the app, mine is @Julia-MacMonagle)
PayPal (I'll just need your email address for this one)

and I'll send you an invoice.

I'm gathering orders for just a short time between November 26th and December 4th at midnight and then they will be printed. You will receive your order before Christmas. If you're local, you're welcome to text me to set up a time to pick up from the farm!

And of course, you're always welcome to order after that cut off date too!

Please forward this email to your friends and family—share beauty and help support an artist :-)

I'll be back to writing all the silly ranch stories and sharing all the pictures soon! ❤️


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