BABY GOATS are coming in April!!! & Newsletter

Nov 13, 2021

Last week I promised to take pictures of the goats I'm going to breed and it seems that's easier said than done. Not the greatest photos so I've added some older ones too. I will post about them as I breed them. Alaska was born in 2017.

Alaska was bred on Wednesday 11/10, babies due in April.

Alaska will be a second timer and is an AMAZING mom with a really nice udder. She's a sweet goat who asked me last fall, "Babies?" but we weren't breeding because we knew we would be moving to NC. She'd like to keep a baby this year :-)

Here is a picture of Alaska when she was about 4 weeks old:

In spring of 2020 she gave birth to girl/boy twins. It was easy and unassisted. You can see that here! If you want to see the kind of mom she was, you can watch for her in this video—look for those "frosted" ears and check out her babies climbing all over her!

This is Flame, her doeling from last year, just after she was born. She went to a coaching home.

And her buckling from last year, Ring:

Little Ring right after he was born. He's 18 months now and is a papa himself at a friend's farm!

Alaska was bred to Heart. You can see Heart acting like a crazy buck here. I don't have a good picture of him currently because he's so gross during the rut. Breeding bucks pee all over their beards, front legs, face, and of course, each other—it's like perfume to the girls :-/.

This is him as a baby though! OMG!

And the day we brought him home. He got his name from squiggling around until we were heart to heart on the ride home. He is super sweet and has good milk genes.

I can't wait to see their babies! Today I went out to visit the goats and saw Alaska laying down and looking very peaceful. I said, "Whatcha doing?" She said, "Gestating." LOL

I have had a few people asking how my daughter is doing in her new placement. It seems fine. You can read about that in a new zine here.

I have my check up for my broken ankle/foot on Monday. Yesterday marks 5 weeks since it happened. Hoping he will say, "OMG! You're the fastest healer EVER!" Lord. Can I be all done now? At least I don't have much need for the knee scooter now and I have started visiting with the horses and goats again in my boot. Rayn has been so sweet with me, walking slowly and patiently by my side. As opposed to Wynter who wants to use me as a scratching post for his ginormous head. No thank you.

We are anxiously waiting for the results from Mom's most recent CT scan. Thank you all for seeing her surrounded by healing light and for the prayers—keep it up!

Michael got TWO excellent progress reports this week from teachers! "Very intelligent, adds value to the class and class discussions, studious, focused, and attentive." That makes this mama's heart filled with FIZZY JOY! The past 6 years of healing from the trauma that my daughter inflicted has been TOUGH but he's coming out the other side with flying colors and I'm so happy for him!

May your weekend be filled with FIZZY JOY too!

Love to all from the Mother Ranch,


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