A Tiny Snip

Feb 18, 2023

I remember June 20th, 2021, the day before ManChild and I flew in from Colorado. B-Rad was already here, he and Josh had driven across the country in a crazy 36 hour trip in the truck with the Polar Bear and I Love Lucy, pulling the horse trailer full of stuff we didn't want in the moving truck.

Mom, Dad, Aunt Katy, and Uncle Chris had come over to help him unpack a little and set up the bedrooms and kitchen. Mom said she unpacked my gratitude jar in my kitchen stuff and it just made her cry. It was sweet but I didn't understand the tears.

I'm just about done getting all her plants watered, fertilized, and placed in their new spots when I came across this big philodendron and there inside the pot was a tiny snip of Christmas cactus that she must have rooted in a glass and decided to put with the philodendron. It's just making me cry and cry right now. It doesn't make any sense really, but I can just imagine her sticking her finger into the dirt, placing that tiny little plant in there and closing the hole. She loved plants and passed the green thumb gene on to my brother and me. I'm happy to have her plants. I wish I still had her.

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